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Upcoming Lecture with David Gerhardt of King Bio: 8pm October 4, 2011 @ Baymeadows Store

For those customers and staff who attended David Gerhardt’s lecture on Homeopathy at our Mandarin store in June, the evening provided insight into the potential healing power of homeopathy. Gerhardt explained the importance of homeopathic remedies formulated with multiple potencies that allow the chosen remedy to work effectively in the treatment of acute, chronic, and deep health conditions. According to Gerhardt, when multiple potencies are included in the same remedy, the body selects the appropriate dosage and dilution needed to create change and speed the healing process.

As the evening and lecture progressed, Gerhardt invited those in attendance to walk with him to the King Bio section of our Nutrition Department, where he further discussed the products in relation to individual health needs. Overall, customer participation and response was enthusiastic! It was great to see people genuinely excited about the healing potential of King Bio products and we couldn’t be more excited for David Gerhardt to visit Native Sun Baymeadows on October 4, 2011 at 8pm for another lecture!

We hope that you will join us for a great evening of learning and discussion. Sign up sheets are available in the nutrition department of either store.

Note: King Bio products are available in the Nutrition Departments at both of our stores. Stop in with any questions, concerns or comments and be sure to check our sales flyer and blog for updates on King Bio products!

FREE Lecture on Anti-Aging Tuesday May 17th @ 8pm

Sally Byrd will be at Native Sun Natural Foods Market’s Baymeadows location at 11030 Baymeadows Road on Tuesday, May 17 at 8pm to give a FREE lecture “Collagen’s Role in Anti-Aging.”

A fibrous structural protein that occurs naturally in bones, connective tissues, and skin, collagen protects joints, ligaments, and tendons while aiding in the renewal of all cells within the body. As we age, the collagen in our bodies begins to break down, aging our cells, reducing the elasticity of the skin, and creating wrinkles. Join us as we explore the potential benefits of collagen supplementation, learning how collagen can help rejuvenate the skin and redefine the aging process!

Sally Byrd is a board certified and registered traditional naturo-path and author who currently works as the Director of Sales, Education and Formulation for Dr. Venessa’s Formulas™.

Seating is limited & reservations are required by calling 904-260-6950.

FREE Lecture on Cleansing Tuesday Night @ 8pm

Dean Morris will be at Native Sun Natural Foods Market’s Mandarin location  at 10000 San Jose Blvd. on Tuesday, March 8 at 8pm to give a FREE lecture “March Toward a Cleaner, More Energetic, and Healthier You!”

Your liver works day and night, cleaning nearly a half-gallon of blood each minute. Without this, your heart would quickly fail. Learn how to support your liver and your entire digestive tract with herbs, minerals, fibers, and probiotics that will help to cleanse away energy-draining, emotion-burdening, immune-suppressing, weight-gaining, and age-inducing toxins.

Dean Morris is  a 5th generation master herbalist with Nature’s Way Products Inc. in Springville, Utah. He is one of only a FEW herbalists who’ve had hospital practicing rights!

Seating is limited & reservations are required by calling 904-260-6950.

FREE Lecture on Vitality In Times of Stress, Feb. 15

We are excited to kick off our 2011 Education Series with a FREE lecture by Omar Cruz, Director of Education for Himalaya Herbal Healthcare on Tuesday, February 15 at 8pm at our Southside location (11030 Baymeadows Road).

Omar’s lecture “Don’t Just Survive – Thrive! Supporting Vitality and Energy in Times of Stress,” will give an illuminating tour of the body and touch on the amazing and adaptive physiological changes that occur during the stress response. He will also shed new light on the link between stress and numerous health conditions and review both ancient and modern understandings that provide continued hope for vitality and wellness. 

Omar is an Author, Botanical Researcher, Clinical Herbalist and Director of Education for Himalaya Herbal Healthcare based in Houston, TX.

Seating is limited and reservations are required by calling 904-260-2791 or signing up at Customer Service at your local Native Sun store.

FREE Seminar “The Secret of Longevity” October 12

Tom Bohager, founder of Enzymedica and author of “Everything You Need to Know About Enzymes”, will be at Native Sun Natural Foods Market  in Mandarin (10000 San Jose Blvd, 260-6950) on Tuesday, October 12 at 8pm for a FREE Seminar on “The Secret of Longevity – What Everyone Needs to Know!”

With more than 54,000 Americans living past 100 years of age, some wonder ‘What is their secret?’ Though genetics often play a role it is only half the story. Learn the difference between lifespan and “healthspan” and how to make simple adjustments that will lead to a lengthening of both.

This is a great follow-up to Native Sun’s September lecture with Ian Keogh, Co-Organizer of Jax Raw. His lecture on raw food diets explained how enzymes are essential for health and digestion and that by heating food above 104-120°F most of us destroy these much needed enzymes. Keogh highly recommended his attendees see Bohager’s lecture saying, “Enzymedica is a gift to this planet.”

“I have had the pleasure of seeing Tom speak on two previous occasions at Native Sun and I was floored with both lectures he gave. So, naturally, I will be attending his lecture on 10/12. In fact, two of his books, ‘Enzymes: What the Experts Know’, and ‘Everything You Need to Know About Enzymes’, I consider to be modern-day classics on the topic, offering a thorough understanding of a topic that seems to cause confusion among nutritional advisors. I hope to see everyone out there. I’ll be in the front row taking notes!” said Keogh.

Seating is limited and reservations are required by calling 904-260-6950. There will be a book signing following the lecture.

FREE Raw Foods Lecture with Ian Keogh of Jax Raw

Ian Keogh, Co-Organizer of Jax Raw – Northeast Florida’s Raw & Living Foods Meetup Group, will be at Native Sun Natural Foods Market on the Southside (11030 Baymeadows Road) on Tuesday, September 14 at 8pm to discuss the basics of raw food, the scientific research behind raw food theory, and his personal experience with the raw lifestyle.

Raw Food diets are based on the idea that enzymes are essential for health and digestion, and that heating food above 104-120°F destroys these enzymes. Therefore a raw lifestyle promotes the consumption of uncooked, unprocessed, and often organic foods as a large percentage of the diet. This may include fruit, vegetables, nuts, seeds, grains and legumes.

Specific topics may include macronutrients, the human diet, digestion theories, raw recipes ideas and enzymes for health, longevity and weight loss. Raw food samples will be available.

Seating is limited and reservations are required by calling 904-260-2791.

FREE Lecture “Food & Your Mood” 5/18

Solgar and Native Sun proudly present renowned nutrition expert and health writer Jack Challem! He will be at our Baymeadows & 9A store on Tuesday, May 18 at 8 p.m. to discuss the findings of the latest nutritional research demonstrating the effects of diet, nutritional supplements and lifestyle on your mood and mood disorders.

Jack is a personal nutrition coach and trusted nutrition and health writer with an international following. He is the bestselling author of more than 20 books, including Stop Prediabetes Now, Feed Your Genes Right, The Inflammation Syndrome, and The Food-Mood Solution.

Attendees will each receive a complimentary copy of Jack’s informational booklet Food and Your Mood. Seating is limited and reservations are required by calling 904-260-2791 or visiting the Nutrition Desk at either Native Sun location.

FREE Seminar on Reversing Heart Disease 2/9

Note from Native Sun Owner, Aaron Gottlieb . . .

I was introduced to Dr. Frank Lord through my father and the crisis he was having with his own heart care.  My Father was going into surgery and within 15 minutes the doctor came out into the waiting room and informed my family that my father’s life depended on him changing his diet.  He mentioned Dean Ornish and his research and said this was a difficult program to stick to, but provided the only change to “reverse” heart disease.

I was familiar with the diet and had carried the Ornish line of foods in the 1990s.  My father and mother read the books and decided to see if there was a clinic that helped teach the lifestyle.  From that they found Wellspring Clinic in Oregon. My parents’ life was changed from what they learned at the clinic. Lifestyle changes in relaxation and diet had brought me a new father. 

My father has seen many benefits from his changes such as no chest pain and new blood vessels being formed that help “bypass” blood to get to the heart. Dr. Lord was the physician in charge and had become friendly with my parents. He was coming to Jacksonville to meet with them and personal friends to discuss how lifestyle changes such as diet can help prevent heart disease and problems. I informed my father that I wanted to speak with Dr. Lord to see if he matched Native Sun’s philosophies. He was such a pleasure to speak to and his knowledge about this lifestyle was so impressive that I was excited and honored if he would speak at Native Sun. After hearing our standards and processes he also felt the same. 

Based on what I have witnessed with my father and family and the conversation I had with Dr. Lord, I couldn’t be more excited to have him added on to our lecture series.

 – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –  

Heart disease is the leading cause of death for both men and women in America. The CDC estimated that in 2009, heart disease cost the United States $304.6 billion in health care services, medications, and lost productivity. Join us for a FREE Seminar on Reversing Heart Disease with Dr. Frank Lord on Tuesday, February 9 at 8pm at our Baymeadows store.

Dr. Lord is Medical Director for the Silverton Hospital Network and Director of Wellspring Heart, a revolutionary program that enlists nutrition, exercise, stress reduction and group support to reverse heart disease. The program is based on the published research studies of Dean Ornish, MD, who was able to show reversal of coronary atherosclerosis in patients after just one year of treatment without costly, invasive procedures.

Dr. Lord joined Silverton in 1974 and worked in Family medicine for 18 years. In 1992 he took on the directorship of the Emergency Department at Silverton and worked there as an ER physician until January of 2008. He owns and operates a wholesale nursery with his son and is interested in sculpting and running. He lives outside Silverton with his wife, Shari and enjoys his four children and eight grandchildren.

Sarah Fronza, MS, RD, Dietician for Wellspring, will be at Native Sun as well. Sarah is a registered dietitian with more than 10 years experience. She graduated from Purdue University with B.S. in Dietetics and a M.S. in Human Nutrition, with an emphasis in instructional design. She has developed numerous nutrition education curricula, including the award winning food safety program, Safe Food & You and Diabetes Action!, a guide for children with type 1 diabetes and their families. Sarah is extremely passionate about experiential nutrition education and is delighted to work with individuals and families to reduce chronic disease and improve overall health.

In this lecture, attendees will . . .

• Learn how your heart can be older (or younger) than your actual age
• Discover what functional age means – How old are you really?
• Learn about new CT technology that allows you to see inside your own arteries
• Discover how to reverse existing heart disease without surgery or medication

Seating is limited and reservations are required by calling 904-260-2791.