Welcome to the Native Sun Natural Foods Market Blog!

Hello Everyone! Native Sun Natural Foods Market here. We are excited to start this open forum for our staff, customers and consumers to discuss all things Native Sun including organic products and standards, product research, education, recipes, environmentally-friendly products and programs, food allergies, gluten-free diets, and more. We will also discuss industry news that we feel you should know about as well as post allergen alerts, food recalls and other health advisories.

Add us to your blog list, rss reader or favorite bookmarks now and look for fresh postings to start after the New Year.

Happy Holidays!


3 responses to “Welcome to the Native Sun Natural Foods Market Blog!

  1. Barbara Ambrosius

    I look forward to reading updates here and keeping up on my favorite natural foods store (not to mention the best I’ve seen)!

  2. You should join Facebook too!
    I love Native Sun and am so thankful they are around! By the way, you have awesome sales and specials this month – thank you!!

  3. I went to Whole Foods last week just to check it out and I have to say that I love Native Sun much more. Whole Foods just didn’t have the friendly homey kind of feel like Native Sun does. Plus, there were some food items that didn’t fit the “all-natural” bill – I don’t have to worry about that at Native Sun. I will be a life long customer to you, Native Sun!!

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