On My Way to Washington D.C. for Natural Products Day on Capitol Hill

I have spent the past 13 years enforcing standards on natural foods and dietary supplements at Native Sun. These standards have protected our customers from the “marketing” of natural foods and have been in place to protect you from what you don’t know as well as manufacturers that are ignorant about what you expect of them.  It has been a hard road that has left me questioning if people know or appreciate what we do behind the scenes.  

Recently, I was asked to join the board of the NPA (Natural Products Association) Southeast chapter.  My father always said to save boards for retirement.  Give back to the industry that made you who you are, but focus on your customers and your employees while you run your business.  I agree with his advice and took this position reluctantly.  They understood my position and have kept my work to a minimum while educating me on what they do and what challenges my industry and Native Sun faces if we are not paying attention.

Next Tuesday is Natural Products Day on Capital Hill.  Our industry has a chance to make positions for itself on a number of issues that we feel are important and our government is looking at currently to make decisions about our future.

The topics that are on my board’s agenda are the following:

1. Updating Nutritional Standards for Foods Sold on School Campuses
2. Preserve the Dietary Supplements Health and Education Act of 1994
3. Food Safety Legislation
4. Health Care Reform and Natural Products

I am excited to work on these topics as well as see how the “system” works.  

Protecting our customers has always been done at our back door. We review and scrutinize products and manufacturers to decide what to bring in for our customers.  I feel we do the best job in the industry on this issue. It is time I take the next step to protect our food and supplements and help educate our government on the issues you bring to us. 

I will keep you posted on all that happens.

Thank you for your support,


One response to “On My Way to Washington D.C. for Natural Products Day on Capitol Hill

  1. Aaron,my family and I are absolutely aware of your dedication to the welfare of your consumers. You are a superb example of integrity and excellence.You are one of a kind!
    Keep fighting for us.

    Longtime customer,

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