Native Sun Limited-Edition Burro Bags!


We picked up our first batch of limited-edition, one-of-a-kind Native Sun Burro Bags this weekend and they look awesome! Made from our old billboard vinyl, the bags are super sturdy and perfect for grocery shopping, beach bags, book bags and more. Each bag has two shoulder straps, an interior pocket to hold your keys/cell phone, and a little Burro Bags tag to tell people you support local business!

Every bag is unique as it’s made from a different piece of the billboard art. We’ll have approximately 100 bags for purchase at our Inside & Out Earth Day Affair THIS SATURDAY from 12 – 4pm at our Mandarin location. We expect these bags to go fast, so arrive early for the best selection. Bags are $15 each.

Burro Bags is small shop in Springfield that specializes in custom messenger bags and backpacks made from recycled materials like convertible tops, vinyl billboards, canvas sails, and couch leather. All of their items are handmade on-site by owners Chris Williams & Matt Bort.


2 responses to “Native Sun Limited-Edition Burro Bags!

  1. oh my cool. that’s my burst! Can you reserve the one with chicken chunks on it for me?

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