Customers & Staff Give Back in a Big Way in 2009


Now more than ever we see a greater need for charitable giving and support for those less fortunate. Native Sun customers and staff have been giving back to the community in a big way in 2009 with our GreenApples Charity Program and we couldn’t be more proud! Thank you for helping to make a difference in your local community.

In January, customers and staff raised $813 for Memories of Love, a local non-profit providing lasting memories for children with a critically ill parent. The money was used to send Randall Perkins, a father who has been battling stage 4 metastatic cancer for 2 1/2 years, his wife and three kids on a stress-free, family fun trip to Disney World in Orlando.

In February, you gave $200 towards a scholarship for a local child with cardiovascular disease to attend American Heart Heroes week at Camp Boggy Creek. Native Sun staffers are looking forward to volunteering at the Heart Heroes family weekend in September!

In March, you raised $724 to provide guaranteed transportation to doctor’s appointments for residents of Mt. Carmel Gardens, a local non-profit assisted living facility, and $333 to start a much needed food pantry. That’s $1057 for Mt. Carmel, our biggest donation of 2009!

In April, you gave $374 to help the St. Johns Riverkeeper protect OUR River by supporting their efforts to improve water quality, protect critical habitat, provide public waterway access & educate the public on the River and its health.

That’s already over $2400 this year! Next up . . .

May 2009 Charity – The Beaches Local Food Network
The Beaches Local Food Network is a local non-profit that founded and organizes the Beaches Green Market held every Saturday at Jarboe Park in Neptune Beach frm 2 – 5pm and the Beaches Organic Community Garden where local families can grow their own food. The Network also offers workshops, children’s gardening programs, educational garden tours, and “Good Food” presentations around town.

community garden 261


Sadly last month, their greenhouse was vandalized. The unknown vandals kicked in the front doors, smashed the storm doors, and tore large holes in the plastic, leaving over $1000 in damages. Donations are desperately needed for the repairs as well as safety measures to prevent future break ins. Cash or change can be donated in the boxes available at each register OR if you’re paying with a card, ask your cashier to add $2 to your total.



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