Cool Down & Charge Up with Coconut Water

Coconut water seems to be the new craze these days. Justin Timberlake’s SNL character “Peg” forgets hers on the register at Target, and Rebecca Romijn swears by it in this month’s issue of InStyle Magazine.

Coconut water (not to be confused with coconut milk) is a refreshing, naturally fat-free drink that packs 660g of potassium in a typical serving (that’s almost seven times what can be legally sold as a dietary supplement), plus magnesium and calcium, but with no fat, no cholesterol and very little sodium. Naturally occurring sugars come in at 14g per serving, only a fraction of what you’d find in a soft drink, but just enough for a light, sweet taste.

Because of these reasons, it is great way for athletes to restore fluids and minerals lost during exercise, so we brought it as our “sports drink” for the post-race brunch at the first 2009 Montoya Brower Beaches Fine Arts Triathlon Series race last month and it flew off the table! We’ll have it out at the second race tomorrow too!

At Native Sun, we carry several different brands of coconut water:



This pure coconut water has a great taste, not to mention different flavors like Mango and Passion Fruit & Orange Peel. Each contains the essence of fruit and no additional sugars, which is a plus for people watching their weight.



The name stands for “One Natural Experience.” Like Zico, it has a nice smooth taste. The company was established in 2005 to bring “better-for-you” beverages to the U.S. to serve as healthier alternatives to sports drinks, energy drinks, sodas, enhanced and bottled water.

Note: Both of these beverages use a Tetra Pak container that is made with paper from responsibly managed forests, is lightweight helping to reduce its carbon footprint, and are 100% recyclable.

Amy & Brian

CoconutJuiceCansAlthough it’s called coconut juice, it’s actually coconut water and the pulp-free variety is slightly sweeter than the other brands.

Vita Coco

vita_coco_330mlThis company’s coconut water has slightly more potassium and 1g fewer sugars than other brands.

We also carry fresh, young Thai coconuts! Just break a hole in the top of the coconut, insert straw and enjoy! Well, it might prove a little bit trickier than that. Just watch this how-to video before you give it a try at home.

Source: Better Nutrition Magazine, May 2009


One response to “Cool Down & Charge Up with Coconut Water

  1. I love the gova version of the water. very refreshing.

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