The Big Fun Foundation & Grant Prather (1982-2009)

Our GreenApples Charity of the Month for June is The Big Fun Foundation . . .

“Imagine you’re 8 years old. You’re on your sixth day in the hospital and your doctor says you could be in for at least another week. You’ve played all the video games you can stand and watched all your movies – twice. Your parents can’t be with you today. You’re lonely, bored, stressed and scared. And then, you receive a Big Fun Box!”

The Big Fun Foundation is a local non-profit that provides “Big Fun Boxes” for children serving extended stays at Wolfson Children’s Hospital and other facilities around the country to help occupy their time and thoughts while awaiting critical treatment. The activities inside each box provide hours of fun and creativity that encourage children to use their imaginations.

Big Fun Box Donation

The Foundation dedicates their work to the memory of Grant Prather, co-founder & creative director, who lost his battle with colon cancer at the young age of 26 earlier this year. With the help of his mother Jo Anne McKinney, Grant started the Foundation because he was all too familiar with time spent in the hospital – diagnosed with cystic fibrosis as an infant and receiving a double-lung transplant at age 18. Watch this video to learn more about Grant’s story:

Despite all obstacles, Grant spent his life helping others in our local community – and now is your opportunity to do the same. Help The Big Fun Foundation purchase items for their Big Fun Boxes by donating $1 the next time you shop at Native Sun during the month of June OR click here to donate directly online.


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