Look To Our T-shirts for Help

tshirts copy

You have probably noticed by now that our associates are outfitted with new t-shirt designs. Each one represents a different department so you can more easily find someone who works in the area that you need help in!

Native T-shirts (White)
This design is worn by our Receiving, Stocking and Front End associates who can help you with general questions about most anything in the store. You will find them at Customer Service, behind the registers, and throughout the aisles. They can also help you with special orders for grocery items, registering for events, signing up for our blog or e-newsletter, returning an item, finding an item, leaving a customer comment, and more.

Healthy T-shirts (Orange)
This design is worn by our Native Sun Deli staff who can help you with selecting a healthy lunch or dinner, ingredient or allergen information, catering orders, special orders and more. You can also ask anyone in a chef coat for help in the Deli.

Essential T-shirts (Purple)
This design is worn by our Nutrition staff who can help you with any questions about vitamins, supplements, oils & herbs, probiotics, homeopathy, beauty and personal care items, and more. They can also help you register for our free health seminars, place a special order for a nutrition item, or research an item in our reference materials or online.

100% T-shirts (Green) & Smooth T-shirts (Pink)
These designs are worn by our Fresh Foods staff which includes both the Produce Department and Juice & Smoothie Bar. Associates wearing these shirts can help you select the best fruits & vegetables available, assist with any bulk item questions, share nutritional value and cooking techniques for produce, or whip up a made-to-order juice or smoothie while you wait.

Fresh T-shirts (Blue)
This design is worn by our Meat & Seafood department who can help with you selecting a fresh cut of meat or seafood from our counter at the Baymeadows store. At Mandarin, you can ask any associate in the “Native” or “Healthy” t-shirts about the fresh meat & seafood selection in the grab and go cooler by the Deli.

You will also see associates working around the store with a nametag, but no department t-shirt – this will either be a department manager or member of our administration staff. They are also available to answer your questions or help you find someone in the department you are looking for.

Excellent customer service is very important to us at Native Sun and we hope this t-shirt program can help you more quickly find the answers you are looking for when shopping with us! However, as always, please feel free to stop ANY associate with ANY question – we are here to help!


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