Tips to Help You Eat Healthy & Save Money


Eating organic and all-natural doesn’t have to be expensive. Approach it just like shopping for appliances, clothing or even a car – do your research ahead of time, shop the sales, make a plan and stick to it. Your body, hardworking farmers, honest companies and the environment will be glad you did.

Inventory what items you already have at home and see if you can create complete meals by purchasing just a few additional items like tempeh, pasta sauce or brown rice. This will help you reduce waste at home and save money in store.

Look at our monthly sales flyer online at BEFORE you shop. See what items are on-sale and plan your menu to include these great deals. For example, this month Bell & Evans Natural Boneless Chicken Breasts are $1 off/lb, a can of organic black-eyed peas is only $1.29 and organic spinach bunches are just $2.99 each. Dress up this protein-starch-veggie combo with spices and sauces for a delicious, well-balanced meal that will serve four.

Start your next shopping trip by sticking to the outside walls first – this is where you will find fresh, unpackaged produce and bulk items, fresh meat & seafood, staples like dairy & bread, and frozen meals that will keep until you need them. Remember, less packaging = less expensive!

When items are not pre-packaged, you are able to buy as little as you need or as much as you want. This will help reduce both cost & waste in the long run. This works for fresh produce, rice, granola, beans, snack items, fresh seafood & meat, and also for spices! If you only need 2 tbsp of cumin for a recipe, only buy 2 tbsp!

Learn more ways to Eat Healthy, Save Money AND Lose Weight by attending Owner Aaron Gottlieb’s breakout session at WJCT’s Speaking of Women’s Health event on Saturday, August 22 at the Hyatt Regency downtown. Tickets are $35*, click here to order yours now.

*I was previously under the impression that Speaking of Women’s Health was a free event, and wrote that it was so in our August Native News E-newsletter. I apologize for the error and any confusion ladies!


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