Sierra Nevada Sampling on August 20, 6 – 8pm

For this month’s Healthy Happy Hour, 6- 8PM THIS THURSDAY, we’ve decided to give you a full spectrum taste test of the Sierra Nevada line which we sell for only $6.99/6-pack every day at our Baymeadows store. (That’s $2 under SRP!) Come sample all of the flavors to decide which Sierra you prefer. Not a beer person? We will also have three fine wines for you to sip on while you enjoy delicious, all-natural hors d’ oeuvres prepared fresh by our kitchen staff. Must be 21 or older to drink.  Healthy Happy Hour is held at our Baymeadows location ONLY. Call 260-2791 for directions.



*from the Sierra Nevada website

Sierra Nevada Pale Ale Our most popular beer, Sierra Nevada Pale Ale, is a delightful interpretation of a classic style. It has a deep amber color and an exceptionally full-bodied, complex character. Generous quantities of premium Cascade hops give the Pale Ale its fragrant bouquet and spicy flavor.

Sierra Nevada Porter Dark and rich, Sierra Nevada Porter is a delicious, medium-bodied ale with a creamy head. The Porter’s smooth flavor (malty with hints of caramel) comes from a blend of deep-roasted barley malts.

Sierra Nevada Stout Creamy, malty, and full-bodied, the Sierra Nevada Stout is satisfyingly rich. Caramel and Black malts give the Stout its deep, dark color and pronounced roasted flavor.

Sierra Nevada Kellerweis Kellerweis is one of the only American Hefeweizens made using the traditional Bavarian style of open fermentation. This difficult and labor-intensive technique adds uncommon depth and flavor complexity. Our hazy-golden hefeweizen is deeply flavorful, refreshing and perfect for a sunny day. To serve, pour two-thirds into a glass, swirl and pour the rest.

Sierra Nevada Summerfest Our Summerfest® is a refreshing, pilsner-style lager. Its incredible smoothness comes from an extra-long lagering period. Lighter in body than our ales but just as complex in character, Summerfest® quenches your thirst with big aroma and a tangy hop bite.

Sierra Nevada Anniversary Ale Each fall, we like to celebrate our anniversary by releasing a very special beer. This beer is a big, full-flavored ale bursting at the seams with fresh, spicy and aromatic hops.

Sierra Nevada Torpedo IPA Sierra Nevada Torpedo Ale is a big American IPA; bold, assertive and full of flavor and aromas highlighting the complex citrus, pine and herbal character of whole-cone American hops.

 A few points about Sierra Nevada as a company:

In the brewing process, they use only non-GMO Barley, Hops, and Yeast with NO corn or fillers. The water used, comes from an aquifer at the base of the Sierra Nevada and Cascade mountain ranges, which is replenished by snow and rain from the foothills. The water is tested and monitored and all waste water leaving the brewery is treated at their own recycling plant before it enters the water system (not a requirement and not cheap, but important to protecting the environment). 

No corners are cut in the brewing process. Where some breweries produce a “wort concentrate” (wort is a product of mashing the malted barley and running hot water through it to extract the sugars, color and flavors) and add water later, Seirra Nevada brews traditionally, adding the hops directly to the wort. 

The fermentation style used is dependant on the style of beer and lagers are cold stored, after fermentation, in tanks to age for up to 8-weeks and develop their flavor. Again this is expensive, and a corner that is usually cut by large breweries.

Ales and lagers are centrifuged and cold-filtered, a gentle process which allows sediment (dead yeast cells) to settle to the bottom. Sierra Nevada does not use fining agents (isinglass, from fish swim bladders, is a common one) to filter so their beers are vegan! 

Beers are naturally carbonated by adding brewers yeast to each bottle, causing a second fermentation in the bottle. The beer will develop the perfect amount of carbonation this way. 

Quality control will test a beer around 200 times before it leaves the brewery, checking the pH, levels of oxygen, taste, color, and bitterness, to name a few.

In 2008, Sierra Nevada finished construction on over 2000 solar panels and 4 250-kilowatt fuel cells to offset their energy output. 

The company recycles anything that they can, and in 2007 diverted over 33,000 tons of waste from the landfill to be recycled and reused!

Spent vegetable oil from the Taproom and restaurant are used to fuel their truck, recently converted to biodiesel! 

Spent brewing materials are donated to local dairy farmers who use the high-protein grains to supplement the cow’s diet.

 They have developed a system to recover heat from the boiling kettle’s steam and reuse it to preheat process water.

 They have developed a process to recover CO2 from the fermentation process to be reused in serving kegged beers!

 They have reduced their water usage by half! Treating the waste water before it leaves, produces methane, which they have developed a system to capture and reuse in fueling boilers!!

 They have receive many awards and recognitions for their efforts to become 100% sustainable.



Kerana Organic Chardonnay (On Sale for $9.99!) This unoaked Chardonnay is delightfully fresh and expressive, with green and yellow highlights, great expression of tropical fruits; bananas, pineapples, mangoes, along with soft butter. In mouth a wine of great volume and balanced acidity, with a long and pleasant after taste. Compliments fish and seafood.

Kerana Organic Merlot Reserve (On Sale for $9.99!) Deep red and violet color, aromas of ripe red and black berries, mixed with light notes of smoke by its aging in French Oak barriques. In mouth, rich noble tannins, well balance with a long and pleasant finish.

Mario Torelli Organic Moscato D’Asti It’s pure pleasure with the special sweetness of Moscato grapes and exotic almond, peach and fruity aromas. It makes a superb apertif or light dessert wine. It also pairs well with ripe blue cheese, seafood dishes or spicy asian recipes.

See you on Thursday!


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