Whole Foods Boycott is 28,000 Strong on Facebook

Earlier this month, Whole Foods CEO and co-founder John Mackey ran an op-ed piece titled “The Whole Foods Alternative to Obama Healthcare” in the Washington Post. His “anti-Obama” suggestions created a backlash from consumers and was the catalyst for a Boycott Whole Foods Facebook Group which now has over 28,000 members.

The Facebook group says . . .

“John Mackey, CEO and co-founder of Whole Foods wrote an op-ed in the Wall Street Journal on August 12, 2009 quoting Margaret Thatcher and suggesting that healthcare is a commodity that only the rich, like him, deserve.

Whole Foods has built its brand with the dollars of deceived progressives. Let them know your money will no longer go to support Whole Foods’ anti-union, anti-health insurance reform, right-wing activities.”

The group asks members to organize a pickett at thier local Whole Foods store, contact Bravo TV to drop Whole Foods as their grocer for the program Top Chef, contact Whole Foods administration and more.

To read more about why they are calling for a boycott and why they believe a boycott will work, visit their blog: http://wholeboycott.com

To boycott or not to boycott, that is the question. We’ve seen a lot of media supporting both sides, but want to know what you think. Do you agree or disagree with John Mackey’s suggestions for health care reform? Did the article effect your overall feelings towards Whole Foods? Does a store owner’s stance on public issues effect your decision to shop at one store or another? Let us know what you think!

**Addendum 8/28/09: While it is not our normal practice to post news about competitors, our intention for this post was to open a discussion about the people behind a company and if, and/or how their personal opinions and views affect your choice to support their business. Thank you so much for all of your great comments so far!


16 responses to “Whole Foods Boycott is 28,000 Strong on Facebook

  1. My opinion- as their local competitor, why focus on another store’s boycot? I think you should let your superior product speak for itself.

  2. I thought this was America..free speech? Dare say if people knew the true heart of every store owner they would have nowhere to shop!

  3. John Mackey bit the hand that feeds him.
    I’d be willing to bet that 85% of Whole Foods Customers are liberals who believe in Single Payer Health Care.

    His comment would be as stupid as a football team owner saying that football fans are ignorant monkeys.

  4. @hardhatharri

    Does my op effect my ability to shop n a store? I would hope not. It is the same as voting for a different pres choice. I do not shop at Whole Foods primarily because their prices are higher than @nativesunjax’s.

  5. via Facebook – I absolutely agree. I did price comparisons on a number of things and find NS to have better pricing. I also don’t have to dig through produce at Native Sun to determine what is conventionally grown as I did at Whole Foods. I have found in the past that Whole Foods’ variety of organic produce is quite limited, but you would never know if you didn’t closely pay attention to all of the signs.

  6. I’ll add it to the boycott list along with RAM and the other 5,000 farmers markets around town…

  7. @chaseyville

    I shop at Native Sun thier people rock and their prices are way lower than Whole Foods!

  8. via Facebook – I just read the article. I can only assume that NO ONE who has joined that boycott actually read the article, but merely read the (apparently skewed) interpretation of whoever it is that started this group. I’d be curious to see if the creator was either a disgruntled former employee of Whole Foods or an Obama staffer. Mr. Mackey offers some … Read Morevaluable thoughts and alternatives that will ease the strain our already exhorbitant deficit. At no time in the article does he suggest that only someone as fortunate as he should access to healthcare. I’ve never been to a Whole Foods, but I will certainly make a concerted effort to visit one now.

  9. I know he’s entitled to his opinion but being a representative of WF (a company supposedly built on the foundation of health) he obviously shouldn’t have made such a bold statement regarding such a politically-charged issue. It made him and WF sound cold and hostile (which I don’t believe is the case). Personally, I think all Americans should be entitled to receive health care but where do we cross the line? I agree with Mackey in that Americans need to change the way they eat first and foremost. If Americans continue to eat the standard American diet – then we will no doubt be digging ourselves into a bigger mess with a health care reform.

  10. By the way I wouldn’t shop anywhere other than Native Sun anyways!!

  11. I do agree with Mackey, and I do not support the boycott. However, my political opinion has little or nothing to do with my source of grocery choices. Native Sun’s products and services are superior to any in Jacksonville. Thanks to a caring owner and his staff!!

  12. If people stopped and really thought (or really, I mean REALLY read the Whole Article) about what they were boycotting and why they were boycotting it I would hope they would realize how insane this Whole Thing is.

    I may not shop at or even particularly care for WF, but my reasons go far beyond disagreeing with someone in the company on a politcal issue.

  13. Caleb Troedson

    via Facebook – That is the most ridiculous group I’ve ever seen on here. Read the article. That article was the most intelligent alternative I’ve heard from anyone for healthcare reform.

  14. Alisha Obrian

    via Facebook – I read the full article and it sounds like Mackey is listening to the right wing scare tactics..universal health care works in every country that has it. We are the only country that has a for profit health care system. 18,000 people die every year in this country from lack of health care, it’s almost impossible to get coverage that won’t put you … Read Morein the poor house if you happen to have a pre existing condition. If this is all ok with you then I guess you have health insurance coverage but wait if you ever get an illness that takes 100’s of thousand dollars to treat..that’s when you will be wishing you had Universal health care. Everyone is so afraid of the government running things but you bet if your house is on fire you want the fire dept to help you out and not roll up on the scene and say sorry your not covered for this. Use your head learn to think for yourself and turn off Fox News!

  15. Patti Kirkley

    via Facebook – Really, Alisha?? Been to Canada lately? How about France? A “functioning” healthcare system is completely different than one that actually “works”. I know alcoholics that are functional but I wouldn’t look to them to help determine where I should invest my life savings.

  16. via Facebook – Ok I lived in Italy for 10 years,…. it does not work. Who will pay for research, trials, that all costs money. For Profit is the ONLY way at works, history shows this, you should watch this http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RWsx1X8PV_A
    Milton Friedman brilliant man

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