NEW! Free Customer Card Program & Savings

We are excited to now offer a FREE Native Sun Customer Card Program to give you super savings all year long! Sign up at a register or visit Customer Service for more details. Benefits of this FREE program include:

Monthly Department Deals
Look for special savings in a different department each month!

Custom Coupons
We can now offer you savings on the products you buy most.

Extended Sales
Receive up to 15% OFF overstock items days after a sale has ended.

Seasonal Promotions
Save big on items for the season!

No Hassle 30-Day Return Policy
Forgot your receipt? Don’t worry! We can look up your purchases online.

Special Birthday Offers
Receive additional savings during the month of your special day!

And Much More . . . 

PLUS! When you reserve your holiday turkey before THIS SATURDAY November 21, you’ll save 80 cents/lb OFF Natural Turkeys and 70 cents/lb OFF Organic Turkeys with your new customer card! That’s $16 OFF a 20lb bird!! See Customer Service or call 260-2791 today to reserve your turkey today. After November 21, all unreserved turkeys will be available on a first come, first served basis while supplies last.


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