Get Fit Club: Meet the Native Sun “Green” Team

The six people below, along with hundreds of other hopefuls, auditioned to be part of  Channel 4’s Get Fit Club in late November. When they didn’t make it into the Top 16, these six decided to form their own team and follow along at home. When team leader Carrie Walle (the wife of one of our past employees) came to us for help, we couldn’t say no. 

Meet the Native Sun “Green” Team! From left to right: Rob Anderson, Carrie Walle, Allyson Steele (seated), Michael Neal, Natasha Spencer, and Jason Rue. We are happy to provide them with official Native Sun tshirts and a free wrap each week of their program. We plan to post updates on thier progress over the next several weeks (Michael has already lost 13 pounds!!) on our blog here, or you can follow their journey online via Michael Neal’s Native Sun “Green” Team Facebook Page.

Best of luck!


2 responses to “Get Fit Club: Meet the Native Sun “Green” Team

  1. ‘Way to go, Native Sun Green Team. We are so proud of you. ‘Looking forward to your updates!!

  2. Wow I’m impressed with everyone’s drive for positive change! Good luck to everyone!

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