Baymeadows Employee Weight Loss Challenge!

January is a month for making resolutions to help you be a better you in the coming year. For most Americans, the resolution to “Lose Weight” is usually in the Top 5 along with spend more time with family, quit smoking, reduce stress and get out of debt. It’s also said that one of the best ways to keep a resolution is to make it public, so several of us who had resolved to lose weight in 2010 started a Baymeadows Employee Weight Loss Challenge! The goal of working as a group is to keep ourselves accountable and support each other in our efforts.

The Challenge started on January 11 and ends on February 8 after a total of four weeks. We must use at least one PGX product each day (see below), keep a food journal and weigh in every Monday. Exercise is encouraged but not mandatory. Owner Aaron Gottlieb, a triathlete himself, started a beginners running club for employees that a few of us have joined! Winners will be based on percentage of weight lost, not total pounds lost. Prizes include a 3-month supply PGX products & dinner at the winners’ restaurant of choice with Ed Graham of Natural Factors. Wish us luck!

PGX is the most powerful fiber in the world for weight loss, appetite regulation and blood sugar control. You would have to eat 4 bowls of oat bran cereal to achieve the same level of viscosity produced by 6 soft gels of PGX Ultra Matrix! PGX is said to “change your life, even if you don’t.” 

The name PGX® is short for PolyGlycopleX®, a unique combination of water soluble plant fibers. Used before or with a meal, PGX absorbs many times its weight in water within the digestive system. This action helps to reduce meal portion size because you feel fuller, faster. Taking PGX with meals also slows the absorption of carbohydrates which means that sugar (glucose) is released into your bloodstream more gradually, helping you to maintain healthy blood sugar levels and reduce appetite. 

PGX . . .
– Is scientifically based and clinically proven
– Helps reduce appetite and promotes effective weight loss
– Supports healthy blood sugar levels already within a normal range
– Reduces the glycemic index of any food or beverage by 35-70%
– Lowers blood cholesterol and triglycerides
– Is safe and stimulant free

Listen to PGX users and Dr. Lyons, co-author of Hunger Free Forever:

PGX comes in several different forms, choose the one that fits your lifestyle.

PGX Daily Softgels (ON SALE THIS MONTH $35.99/120 softgels)
These are the most rapidly dispersed PGX product. Great for everyone, but especially for those always on the go – PGX Daily can be taken easily while at work, out for dinner or anywhere you go. Start with 1-2 softgels before each meal and slowly build up to the recommended dose of 3-6 softgels per meal. Take with 8oz of water about one hour before you eat.
PGX Powder Shakes (ON SALE THIS MONTH $33.49/1lb,12oz)
A great way to start your day! Available in several delicious flavors, the SlimStyles PGX powder shakes are great for breakfast and/or lunch each day and help you feel full and satisfied. PGX powder shakes are naturally flavored, can be allowed to stand until they become a pudding-like snack, or even be baked into muffins and breads. **Try Chocolate SlimStyles with Chocolate Almond Milk OR French Vanilla Slimstyles with Vanilla Almond Milk & Mixed Berries.**
PGX Granules
 These unflavored granules dissolve and mix easily. Sprinkle them on any moist food (ceral, soups, sauces, even salads or pizza!) and eat as you normally would – you’ll feel fuller after eating less. Remember to drink PLENTY of water to ensure the PGX has enough moisture to expand and do its job.

For more information, visit or ask one of our Nutrition employees.


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  1. I will have to try these. Go team!

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