Voluntary Recall for Glaceau SmartWater

In a letter dated March 5, 2010 Coca-Cola North America issued a Voluntary Product Recall for SmartWater, PET Bottles with codes “BEST BY 091411” through “BEST BY 110311” and case codes starting with “SS”. The letter states:

“While conducting regular smartwater product quality testing, we have found that these beverages with the date codes listed above do not meet FDA’s quality standard for bottled water, nor do they meet our own quality standards. We have enhanced our regular testing protocols for every lot of smartwater to ensure that the product meets our high quality standards before it is allowed to leave the bottling plant for shipping to retailers. Any lot which does not measure up is destroyed. Only the bottle and case codes described above with plant code of SS are affected. No other lots of smartwater are affected. We regret the inconvenience this issue has caused and thank you for your cooperation.”

We have pulled the affected product from our shelves for your safety. Please see Customer Service with any questions.


10 responses to “Voluntary Recall for Glaceau SmartWater

  1. I would like to know exactly what wasnt up to your standards for the recall. Give details please.

  2. It was recalled per SmartWater’s standards, not Native Sun standards, and the reason why was not disclosed on the offical recall document. If we find out more I will let you know, until then we’ve removed any affected product from our shelves.

  3. How was this water pulled from your shelves,when I have recently purchased some and have the reciepts and empty bottles to prove it???? I want to know exactly why it was pulled from your shelves… not coverup answers!!!

  4. Stacy, customer safety is very important to us. This recall only affected specific bottles of SmartWater with specific date and lot codes. We pulled any products that matched those exact numbers from our shelves, but new, safe product has been delivered since then & is now available on our shelves. What we posted above is word for word what was on the recall sheet we received from SmartWater, no “coverup” answers from us.

  5. Janice Laine

    I purchased a 33.8 fl oz of smart water from an independent corner store in Tucson, AZ. I have had diahhrea since! There is no complaint website to follow up!!

  6. concerned consumer

    l iving in the desert of las vegas water is an important element of life. smart water is a product that i have used, sold and promoted on a daily basis as manager of a convienence store. i was surprised to learn of a recall after my fiance purchased a bottle and said it was bad tasting, compairing the taste to a copper sort of metalic taste. i am dissapointed and left questioning the quality of your product.i agree that a forum to express complaints would be helpfull in get some answers

  7. Janice and Concerned Customer, thank you for your comments. We are just a retailer who sells Smart Water and posted this for the safety of our customers. I would contact Glaceau directly with any complaints: http://www.glaceau.com/

  8. Good Luck getting through to the Glaceau website. I sat for an hour waiting for it to load and nothing. And all I was doing was trying to find out something about the Smart Water itself not the recall.

  9. We will never know why this product was pulled,let us just hope it was nothing that was too serious 😦 Tylenol and Motrin have issues also but are very upfront about why items are pulled and the public respects honesty.

  10. There is no requirement for Smart Water/Glaceau to publish their findings…thanks to the clever loophole in the bottled water industry and FDA. Bottled water is not required to meet minimum water quality standards – like tap water is under the EPA regulations.
    You will never know what you just swallowed from a plastic bottle.

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