NEW! Gluten-Free Bakery at Native Sun

We have a large segment of customers who shop at Native Sun because they must follow a special diet for their health and cannot find the products they need at a conventional grocery store. We have always given special diets special attention from the variety of products we stock to our unique color coded shelf tagging system that easily identifies gluten-free, casein-free, no peanut added and low sodium products. That is why we are so excited to announce the official opening of the Native Sun Gluten-Free Bakery!

While we have been using no-gluten added recipes in the Native Sun Bakery since April 2009, we now have trained staff, a dedicated area and quality control procedures in place to run a completely contained gluten-free bakery. In addition, bakery items are also periodically tested to assure product safety. 

This effort was led by our Food Education Coordinator Ginny Nehring, whose son Brad is on a gluten-free diet for the treatment of Celiac Disease. Ginny has also authored a gluten-free cookbook called Brad’s Basics and offers free store tours for customers new to shopping for gluten-free, casein-free and other special diet needs.

Look for the items below in-store now & new recipes coming soon!

GF Oatmeal Creme Pies
GF Chocolate Chip Cake
GF Chocolate Brownies
GF Apple Cake
GF Carrot Cake
GF Pound Cake
GF Muffins And More

Individual items are sold by the Juice Bar and Deli at both locations. Large quantity orders or full cakes for birthdays, weddings or other special occasions are available by pre-order.

We hope our new Gluten-Free Bakery will allow children & adults with Celiac Disease and other GF special diets to enjoy cakes, desserts, muffins and other scrumptious goodies that they would otherwise have to pass on or make from scratch. We also want to assure our non gluten-free dieters that these treats are as delicious as any “regular” recipe. The proof is in the pound cake!


7 responses to “NEW! Gluten-Free Bakery at Native Sun

  1. WOO HOO! Happy Days are here again!!! THANK YOU Native Sun! I LOVE you guys! I can’t wait to try your GF Chocolate Chip cookies!

  2. Soooo excited! Can’t wait to try some of those yummy looking goodies – see ya this weekend! :o)

  3. Forgotten Vegan

    Would it be so hard to put a little effort into making one or two vegan baked goods?

  4. Hey Bill – I’m glad you’re so excited, we are too! Right now only the items mentioned above are made in our gluten-free bakery, but new recipes are being developed each week. GF cookies are coming soon!

  5. Hi Forgotten Vegan – We make vegan chocolate chip cookies in our regular kitchen [I actually think they taste better than our regular chocolate chip cookies!] & sell several vegan treats in the store, but I’ll share your suggestion with our GF Bakery staff as well.

  6. Magda Michna

    Wow, your GF choices are fantastic. Having spent years with an allergy to gluten, it’s really difficult to find exciting gluten-free products, great job on making such yummy treats 🙂

  7. Picture looks great, thanks

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