NEW! Local, Farm Fresh All-Natural Cheese & Milk

We are excited to now carry local, farm fresh, all-natural milk & cheese from Wainwright Dairy in Live Oak, Florida. Selections include Grade A Pasteurized – Non Homogenized Milk and Baby Swiss, Cheddar, Longhorn Colby and Pepperjack Cheese. 

[I thought the milk was smooth and tasty, I loved the cheddar, colby and pepperjack cheeses, and the baby swiss reminded me of red wine. Overall, I really enjoyed it and the prices look great. I can’t wait to take some home!] 

About Wainwright Dairy
Wainwright is family owned and operated with over 30 years experience in the dairy business. They have committed themselves to producing high quality milk and now offer all-natural cheeses. They understand the demand for wholesome, natural foods continues to rise as Americans become more concerned with their health and food additives.

They explain “our milk is pasteurized only because we are required by state and federal regulations, but we do not homogenize our milk so that it is better for you and that your body can actually digest it. As our logo states, we are striving to produce milk and cheese as close to the way God intended.”

Carl Wainwright began in the dairy industry in 1958 working for Gustafson Farm in Green Cove Springs. In the late 60’s along with his wife, Gail, they started farming in Suwannee County and as their family grew with nine children, their dream of a family farm became a reality.

Their sons James and Roy work at the dairy and their daughters Lisa and Cheryl, along with their families, help in the cheese plant. It really is a family operation from the dairy to the cheese making and bottling, to designing the pictures on their delivery truck and labels. “We are a family farm and want to stay that way. Preserving what God has given us and making a living on the land”.


4 responses to “NEW! Local, Farm Fresh All-Natural Cheese & Milk

  1. The rep was in the Mandarin store today and I sampled this cheese. Came home with three different ones! Delicious- so fresh!!! Love the grass-fed dairy.

  2. Tried the white cheddar–great cheese and I am delighted to buy local cheese that is so healthy. Thank you Wainwrights and Native Sun

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  4. do you sell white colby cheese?

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