Buy Organic Valley Milk & Get $1 OFF Rudi’s Bread

This month, buy any Organic Valley 64oz. milk and receive $1 OFF your purchase of any Rudi’s Organic Sandwich Bread!

Choose ONE of the following: Organic Valley Whole, Lowfat, Reduced Fat, Fat Free or NEW! Omega-3 Whole or Reduced Fat Milk, Organic Valley Original, Vanilla, Chocolate or Unsweetened Soy Milk + ONE of the following: Rudi’s 100% Whole Wheat, Wheat & Oat, Honey Sweet Whole Wheat, 14 Grain, 7 Grain & Flax, Spelt Ancient Grain, Spelt Bread, Country Morning White, Sourdough, Multi-Grain Oat, Nut & Oat, Colorado Cracked Wheat, Jewish Light Rye or Double Fiber Bread. 

TIP: We also have coupons for $1 OFF Organic Valley Soy Milk (while coupons last!) that can be used in conjunction with this already great deal!

This offer is good through June 6, 2010.


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