Contact Your Congressman Today to Save Supplements & Organic Dairy

Right now there are two issues in the Florida Senate that we think you should be concerned about – the Financial Services Reform Act and the Ban on Genetically Modified Alfalfa.

Save Your Supplements – Oppose the FTC Power Provision

From the Natural Products Association website:

The Financial Services Reform Act (S.3217) has passed the Senate. While expansion of Federal Trade Commission (FTC) powers was kept out of the Senate Bill, now the House and Senate must work out the differences between the chambers’ versions. The expansions being discussed could have a dire impact on the natural products industry.
Should these additional powers be granted to the FTC, you can expect to see the following:

– The FTC creating advertising guidelines that are inconsistent with what is allowed under the Dietary Supplement Health and Education Act of 1994 (DSHEA) and the FDA

– The FTC acting as a legislative body, creating “rules” for industries like ours in areas in which it has no expertise

– The FTC levying fines against businesses for practices it deems illegal without allowing the business to change its policies

– The FTC levying fines against companies for “aiding and abetting” wrongdoing even when the companies did not know a violation was occurring

– The FTC making, approving, and policing rules with virtually no oversight

So many Americans rely on supplements for day to day heath and major health issues. CLICK HERE to Take Action and send a message to your members of Congress, urging them to OPPOSE the FTC provision.

Save Organic Dairy – Ban GE Alfalfa

From the Organic Trade Association website:

This is a Supreme Court case about the release of Monsanto’s “Roundup Ready” Alfalfa.  After USDA originally approved the genetically engineered crop, the Center for Food Safety sued on behalf of farmers and allied organizations. In 2007, the court agreed with the plaintiffs and ordered more analysis on the crop’s impacts. In the interim, the court halted any further planting. The main impact the court ordered USDA go back and analyze was the harm to conventional and organic farmers from transgenic contamination: the likelihood of cross-pollination between fields and feral sources by wild and managed bees, the mixing of seeds and other means. It was because of this loss to farmers from unwanted transgenic contamination of their ability to sow the crop of their choice (and potential lost markets such as organic or exports) that the Court also halted the planting. The court of appeals twice affirmed the district court’s decision in 2008 and 2009. In January of this year, despite even the government’s opposition, Monsanto was able to get the Supreme Court to take the case.

This is the first time ever a court has recognized a farmer’s right to choose in this legal context. It is the first time a court has held transgenic contamination as an injury with legal consequences in this context and issued an injunction. The court concluded that the threat of irreparable harm to conventional and organic alfalfa farmers of the loss of the ability to grow non-GE alfalfa outweighed the solely economic harm to Monsanto. The Supreme Court could reverse all of those legal conclusions. It could rule that contamination harm is not enough to gain an injunction, or that the balance of the equities should have favored Monsanto and its allied partners.  It could rule that even if a crop is ruled illegally approved, as in this case, that a court could not halt the planting until proper analysis of its impact is done.

Alfalfa is a major food source for livestock and if GE alfalfa was release into the environment it would mean the end of the organic dairy industry, a $1.4 billion industry, as we know it.

Email Your Florida Senator Bill Nelson and ask him to sign the letter being circulated by Representative DeFazio (D-OR4) and Senator Leahy (D-VT) asking the USDA to maintain the ban on genetically modified (GM) alfalfa seed.

Thank you!


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