Protect Yourself All Summer Long

Natural ingredients like zinc oxide and essential oils are just as effective for sun and insect protection as the chemical compounds found in leading brands.  They’re also safer for you, the environment and its animals.


After analyzing 500 sunscreens including top name brands, the Environmental Working Group was only able to recommend 39 – the other 461 failed to provide adequate protection and/or contained potentially hazardous ingredients. Badger Sunscreen was a top pick! How does your sunscreen rank? Check EWG’s 2010 Sunscreen Guide online. 


DEET has been proven to cause neurological damage and may also cause memory loss, headaches, fatigue, joint pain, and shortness of breath. While the EPA and the CDC say DEET is not harmful when used as directed, nearly all chemicals placed on the skin are eventually absorbed into to bloodstream. This makes DEET very dangerous, especially for children. Deet-Free Buzzaway Extreme is a safe alternative that really works.

Also ask about Vitamin B1 (Thiamin) as a long-term natural insect repellant – it produces an odor in the skin that humans cannot detect and bugs cannot stand!


2 responses to “Protect Yourself All Summer Long

  1. This was great information. I didn’t realize how nasty the sunscreen I’ve been using for years was. I am so thankful for Native Sun and look forward to using my Badger sunscreen and stick on me and my family this summer.

  2. The Archers

    The buzz away has been great for outdoors! Our family has been out a lot since the weather warmed up and has worked better than the old toxic brands we used to use. Also the badger is great for the kids and us!

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