Sale of Unpasteurized Kombucha On Hold Until Further Notice

Recent developments have stopped the production of all unpasteurized Kombucha drinks, including GT and High Country varieties, until further notice. Please note – this is not a recall and there are no safety issues regarding Kombucha at this time.

We are told there may be a labeling issue regarding the alcohol content of unpasteurized Kombucha due to the natural fermentation process of the fruit juice. It is suspected that the value may rise above the legal limit of 0.5% for “non-alcoholic” drinks as it sits on the grocery store shelf.

While no manufacturers have shown any reports to confirm this, production and sales of Kombucha have ceased at the manufacturing level. For your safety, we will not sell unpasteurized Kombucha in our stores until thorough testing has taken place to assess findings and assure product labels are in compliance.

We apologize for the inconvenience. The choice to cease sales was made by the manufacturers, not by Native Sun. We will continue to monitor the situation and restock items as soon as safely possible.


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