GIVEAWAY: 5 Free Entries for BFA Triathon on 7/10!

As the Finish Line Food sponsor for the Beaches Fine Arts 2010 Race Season, we wanted to pass along 5 FREE entries to the final BFAS Triathlon next Saturday, July 10 at Mickler’s Landing – A $70 VALUE PER PERSON! Visit the BFAS Racing website and post a comment below to be entered to win 1 of 5 passes. Your entry will include a free race tshirt and access to the Native Sun Post Race Brunch, yum!

Five winners will be chosen at random on Wednesday, July 7.

*Be sure to include your email address so we can contact you if you win!


49 responses to “GIVEAWAY: 5 Free Entries for BFA Triathon on 7/10!

  1. Looks like fun!

  2. K Henderson

    Do your bricks!

  3. Bertrand Dussert

    Great to see a sponsor tie healthy eating with the active triathlon lifestyle! Kudos Native Sun for sponsoring a great community event.

  4. Douglas Malie

    Awesome events with great sponsors and organizers. The 6/12 Triathalon was my first triathalon ever and I was thoroughly impressed with how smoothly everything went. Had a blast and plan on participating in the entire series next year!

  5. Frank Reneke

    Thats a great race, I did them last year but times have been a bit tight this year. I hope the weather is good.

  6. BFAS tri’s are alot of fun! Well organized and the volunteers are wonderful:) Thanks Native Sun for your support!

  7. Lauren Funderburk

    Yeahhhh!!! Looking forward to BFAST this weekend… hope the water is calm!

  8. Love to race and eat healthy! Thank you Native Sun for being part of our PVB community!

  9. please please please give me a free entry. momma is poor from all her other entries. this is the first bfas of this season i can do due to other race entries paid for before the season began. i wanna wear a nice new shirt … or earn it. this is my fave tri sprint series and i have always done 2 or more every year til this year. native sun rocks the finish line and any of you that show up KNOW THIS TO BE THE TRUTH!! i love to race and snack. i can go further KNOWING that i have healthy snax at the finish. come out all of you and race this final race of the season…and hey, can i please please please win a free entry..or hey, you can sponsor me and see a humongous rise in your business 🙂

  10. Have always enjoyed myself at the tri’s. Have not done one this year so far but would like to on the 10th

  11. Great race for beginners!

  12. Love this race. Thanks for all your support.

  13. BFAST triathlons are the most festive – best organized, fantastic giveaways, tremendous enthusiasm, AMAZING SPONSORS!!!!…… well worth the commute and getting up super early!! Love them!!

  14. FAT Tires love the BFAST Tri Series. Thanks to the gang of volunteers, Native Sun and the other great sponsors.

  15. Chris Spears

    I have been out of triathlon for 3 years. An untimely chg in life circumstances left me in a new home and financial distress. I’m getting my life back and triathlon is one part that will help me in all aspects of my life. Thx for ur consideration and the opportunity to enter this race. Peace!

  16. Jamie McLaughlin

    This race is always competitive, fun and well run!

  17. Kyle Campbell

    Last year I got a flat, and I am looking to make it up this year! Sure would be a great start participating in it for free!!!

  18. Great race….enjoy them every year…!!!!

  19. Robert Smith

    I Love this race!! Keep it up!!!

  20. Awesome on not only supporting a healthy event but helping some folks who might not otherwise be able to afford it to participate. I hope one is me. Might be the kick in the pants I need to stop training for one and JUST DO IT!

  21. BFAST is a fabulous race!! Very well organized — keep up the great work!!

  22. Jill Roberts

    I love BFAST! I want a free entry 🙂

  23. This race is always well done and top notch. Fun race – great times.

  24. let me in!!

  25. Mitchell Gibbons

    I am a junior triathlete and really want to do this race!!

  26. I was a spectator of the BFAST series for several years…disappointed each time that I had not participated. After, once again, spectating at the FL Ironman I decided that it was time for my triathalon career to begin. This years BFAST have been the first of my races and I couldn’t be happier!! The sponsors, volunteers and racers are all wonderful. From packet pick up to finish line…it has been an excellent experience!

  27. Ron Porter

    Please bring some deviled eggs to the race for Susan Haag. She loves them.

  28. BFAST is one my favorite races. My first triathlon was BFAST #3 back in 2001. It was postponed until August due to bad weather. The BFAST races have always been very special events.

  29. The Aaronsons

    We love the BFAST series and Native Sun!

  30. Great race venue and terrific support staff for the whole event. BFAST knows how to do a sprint tri right. Others should learn from them!

  31. great race and always well organized. Have done several and sure would be nice to do one “on the house.”

  32. Jill Roberts

    Great race! Pick me!!!

  33. Taylor King

    I just did my first tri on June 12th. Had a great time! Ready to go again!

  34. Looks like fun

  35. Eric Lashway

    Great race – always well organized!

  36. Great race. Has always been a favorite of ours.

  37. hoping to win an entry in the final BFAST!

  38. Mitzi Saul

    Great race–look forward to it on Saturday!

  39. Tom Jackson

    Looking for motivation to participate. Free entry might do it. Thanks for your dupport of the race.

  40. Carl Zeilman

    You gotta LOVE supporting a GREAT local race as well as BFAS ! RACE ON !

  41. I was part of a relay last triathlon, and this time I am going for the full event because it was so much fun. Can’t wait till Saturday!

  42. Michael DelCharco

    Great post race food! You guys rock!

  43. Very well organized and super fun race! I will be back:)

  44. philip brennan

    This race was my first event after I had a small problem with my heart….something they call a heart attack….That was 10 years ago and many, many BFAST events ago. This race and the amazing job done by Martha and the rest of the crew will always hold a special place in my still beating heart…..Thanks guys for all the memories in the Fat tire division…..The real gladiators……

  45. Chris O'Bannon

    Hopefully the weather will be as great as the last one, thanks for supplying fantastic food!!

  46. Tom Murphy

    Keep it in the BIG BLADE!

  47. Can’t wait ’til Saturday!

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