Update on Unpasteurized Kombucha from GT

From GT Kombucha:

“We are investigating reports of the potential for slightly elevated alcohol levels in our Kombucha products that may be occurring after the product has been bottled and has left our facility. Although our products are tested to be compliant at the time of shipping, a subsequent increase in alcohol levels [due to the raw nature of the product] could potentially cause the product to go above 0.5% causing potential labeling issues.

We are working quickly to have product back on the shelves of every store as soon as possible. Please keep in mind that this is not related to any type of food contamination and is not a recall.

GT Kombucha will be back on the shelves by the end of July and will stay the same, Raw and Organic.

We apologize for the inconvenience of this matter and greatly appreciate your patience and support while we resolve it.”

Updates on High Country Kombucha to follow.


2 responses to “Update on Unpasteurized Kombucha from GT

  1. This is good to see. As always, quality prevails, giving surefire evidence that the future of mankind SHALL NOT BE LEFT TO THE MEDIOCRE!!!


  2. Please hurry…it’s my favorite drink in the world!! I miss it every week for many years.

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