August Giveaway: 50 FREE Smoothies!

New and exciting things are happening in the Juice & Smoothie Bar at Native Sun. While I can’t tell you all of them right now, you may have already noticed a big one – we added 4 new smoothies to our menu!

From Left to Right:

Young Thai Coconut Smoothie – Embrace your inner coconut with an electrolyte and potassium loaded drink made with the juice and meat of a Fresh Young Thai Coconut, Agave Nectar, and Dehydrated Coconut.  $6.99 16oz

Raw Tropijito Smoothie – A hydrating fruit smoothie made with Pineapple, Mango, Fresh Mint, Agave Nectar and Lime. $5.99 12oz, $6.99 16oz

Popeye Smoothie – A classic choice made with fresh raw ingredients: Spinach, Apple, Banana, Mint & Honey. $5.99 12oz, $6.99 16oz

Blossomberry Smoothie – A taste bud pleasing blend of Blueberries and Strawberries, Almond Milk, Lowfat Yogurt, Lavender Flowers and Agave Nectar.  $5.99 12oz, $6.99 16oz

At Native Sun, we only use organic produce and the best all-natural ingredients available.* That’s because we believe juices and smoothies should improve your health, not be glorified milkshakes. Our drinks offer the vitamins, minerals and antioxidants your body needs to have the best day.

ENTER TO WIN: Tell us why YOU love the smoothies at Native Sun for a chance to win 5 FREE SMOOTHIES (Over $30 in value!). Staff members will vote on TEN WINNERS to be announced on August 31, 2010. Leave your comment and email address in the section below to be considered.

Good luck!

*Due to availability, Young Thai Coconuts are not organic, but rest assured they do meet Native Sun’s stringent standards for quality.



83 responses to “August Giveaway: 50 FREE Smoothies!

  1. I can’t tell you why I love them so much, because I’ve never had a smoothy from Native Sun. I can tell you I love smoothies, I am native to Jacksonville and I enjoy the sun. So, if you twist my comment ever-so-slightly, I qualify for the contest.

    That, and I really do want to try them. A free smoothie seems like the perfect excuse to haul my butt over there.

  2. ‘Love smoothies from Native Sun because they taste so good! I know, too, that they are made from the freshest ingredients. Yummmm!!!!

  3. I love them because they are so healthy and cool during these HOT summers!

  4. I love the smoothies at Native Sun because they are refreshing and I am putting organic goodness in my body. That is HIGHLY important to me. The Triple Berry is my fave and I always suggest it to my friends. Thanks for helping in keeping me healthy, Native Sun!!

  5. Staci Collins

    The smoothies at Native Sun are absolutely delicious! I love the fact that I know I’m getting whole, natural food in your smoothies! I was diagnosed with leukemia 6 years ago, and am doing wonderfully! However, it has made me more aware of what I put in mine and my family’s bodies! I’m so thankful you all are close to may home! Love your smoothies and juices from your juice bar!

  6. I love the smoothies at Native Sun because they help me stay hydrated and consume enough healthy vitamins from fresh fruit (and veggies from juices). During my recent pregnancy and now during subsequent breastfeeding, it’s important that I make sure I intake enough liquids and lots of natural foods. I’m feeding two!! They are also a great quick way to get the nutrition that is so important.

  7. I will admit, one of the main attractions to your store is the smoothie bar. I am a sucker for your flavors and am especially excited to try the new ones on my next visit. Every smoothie I have tried has exceeded my expectations and left me wanting more! Thank you for this fabulous asset to Native Sun.

  8. Marilyn Bagdonas

    I LOVE free stuff! Like…your free coffee. It makes me buy more in your store.
    I would love to win the Smoothie contest because I am too cheap to buy one.
    Maybe, if I win I will love them so much I will actually start buying your new smoothies….and buying more stuff in your store!

  9. Put your Hands together!

    WOW! Healthy and Free look at me.. I will write you from my PC. Blossom, Popey, Raw and Young sooo good for me I want to get some! Smoothies for me Smoothies for you, lets tell everyone that have no clue…Native Sun is the one if you want to live long and a life of fun!

  10. Jessica Russell

    “I do ’cause I do!” – From my three-year-old son, Holden, a frequent juice and smoothie customer at Native Sun Baymeadows.

  11. Claudia Scott

    I love the Native Sun smoothies ( mouth is watering as I write) because it is so reassuring that I am drinking something that will not give me a’hangover’ of pesticides-full fruit! It’s truly a ‘happy hour’ for me when I enjoy one.

  12. I love to shop at Native Sun–
    I love your smoothies most;
    Not only do they taste delish–
    They’re free of high fructose!

  13. Diane Harnisch

    I love bringing new people to Native Sun for a fresh organic lunch. Your chefs are fabulous. We purchase a fresh juice before we shop. I tell everyone, “The more live foods you eat, the more alive you will be.” I usually drink the Iron Man, free smoothies would help me try and share more.

  14. I love the smoothies because when the heat goes up outside you can relax and rejuvenate with an ice cold smoothie. I also feel good about it because I know it is healthier than other summer beverages. It also makes shopping soooo much more enjoyable!

  15. A smoothie with vitamins and fruit
    Potassium and honey to boot
    A Native Sun smoothie
    Sounds ever so groovy
    To help me fit in my swimsuit!

  16. 12 oz. smoothie=a full day of health and happiness for me and my 3 (Three kids that is.)

  17. I love Native Sun! And I really enjoy the smoothies because I know that the color in the smoothie, comes from a natural ingredient put in it not some dye made in a lab. They are refreshing and flat out yummy. No other store or chain comes close to what you get at Native Sun.

  18. Yum!! I love Native Sun smoothies because they keep the kids happy and peaceful while I do my grocery shopping. What mom wouldn’t appreciate that?!?!

  19. I love smoothies but I’ve never tried one from Native Sun. I sure would love to try one though.

  20. Janice Morris

    Great ingredients Great nutrition
    Great combinations
    Great taste
    Great Price
    Just plain great

  21. I wanna rule the world and the smoothies make me feel like I’m the queen of the universe! It’s great to have a nice, cool, yummy, and not to mention HEALTHY drink in these sweltering, hot summer days!
    Thank you, Native Sun, for these awesome smoothies!

  22. Why do I love Native Sun smoothies? They are fresh, delicious, and creative blends of the very best ingredients available. And, unlike other smoothie places, they don’t “water them down” with excessive ice. Native Sun will tweak the ingredients of their menu listings – a little more here and a little less there – to fit your personal tastes. Or, you can custom blend one (very willing to do if the ingredients are available). They offer a variety of unique smoothies such as the Blossomberry and Sweet Mango Lassi (both my personal favorites) that are unmatched in deliciousness. Whatever mood you’re in, Native Sun has a smoothie for you. I’m addicted! Uh oh, I’m craving another one…

  23. Raw tropojito is my favorite because it’s fresh and tastes like summer

  24. Drinking a Native Sun smoothie is perfectly practical and practically perfect!

  25. nicolelhoward

    I love the smoothies because I don’t have to wonder what’s in it. It becomes a pain when I have to click a million links on a website to find the ingredients in what I’m eating/drinking. At Native Sun I have the freedom to order the smoothie of my choice and I don’t have to do the intensive research to see if it’s garbage disguised as something good. Of course, they also taste Yummy!!

  26. Sarah Keturah

    They rock because they aren’t pasteurized and the comments on here do too. Wow, some real poetry starts to come out when you get people to talk about free food. What a more beautiful day of speaking it would be if all food were so inspiring.

  27. Young Thai Coconut
    with nectar of agave
    tropical splendor

  28. I love the freshness and healthy smoothies at Native Sun! You can taste the real flavors in the smoothies not artificical sugars and flavors like other sugary loaded smoothies. The Popeye and now the Thai Coconut are my favorites! I stop by at least once a week to get my healthy smoothie fix! Native Sun smoothies are oh so yummy!

  29. Why a smoothie? Whether you are a vegan or are simply looking for a healthy drink, a smoothie is the way to go. Fiber, vitamins, minerals, and antioxidents all in a form your body can readily assimilate. Why a smoothie? Taste, variety, freshness, natural ingredients. It simply makes sense.

  30. Those smoothie descriptions had me HOOKED from first write!
    I LOVE coconut and mint drinks so- I just had to try “Young Thai Coconut” & “Raw Tropyito”.
    I know I can trust your ingredients to be only fresh, good for me and of highest quality.
    The fun of watching a luscious smoothie blended on-the-spot makes the anticipation of getting that first sip all the more rich!
    Where have you been all my summer?

  31. Cindy Persico

    Nothing at all compares to a native sun smoothie. I live at the beach and will take the drive to quench my craving for your smoothies. They are always consistent and aren’t filled with lots of sugars. Native Sun needs to have a location at the beach- we love you here!

  32. Mieko Collins

    I love your smoothies because they are organic. Smoothies are the easiest way to get a majority of suggested amount of daily fruits that I need. I love having a cool refreshing treat and do my body good as well.

  33. I am halfway through my 2nd pregnancy and your smoothies have made some days bareable! This baby loves his fruit and I love I am getting it in such a healthy manner from such a wonderful place!

  34. Native Sun was the first place my son and I had our first lunch date together by ourselves. Usually we meet up with other people but on this particular day I had to get some fresh fruit and vegies which I prefer to buy from N.S. and decided to make a lunch date out of it. I usually make smoothies at home, but Native’s are far superior!

  35. I love the smoothies at the Native Sun because they are refreshing, nutritious, and I am assured of the utmost quality of fruits, veggies and all other ingredients. Its liberating to know I can depend on Native Sun for this continued quality of products!

  36. Tara Ramo Bishop

    Just had our first child (August 5th) and during the pregnancy the smoothies allowed me to stay hydrated and work in fruits and vegetables in an easy to digest, fiber-flavorful way that felt like a sweet treat over another check on the preggie do-it-for-the-baby-even-though-you-don’t-want-to nutrition list. Most places use the word healthy as a buzz word but Native Sun smoothies actually define a healthy alternative in reality.

  37. I LOVE Native Sun smoothies because they are healthy and taste great. Just like everything else at Native Sun, you can trust them to use the freshest, organic ingredients. I have had smoothies elsewhere, but nowhere is as good as Native Sun! I don’t think I have had a one that I don’t like.

  38. Jacksonville… if you try just one you will soon be singing. The BEST part of waking up is a NATIVE SUN SMOOTHIE in your cup! Its a delicious, quick, HEALTHY meal to go! They are also fun to drink while reading the Folio in a cozy corner in the dining area at Native Sun. It feels great for me to know I can give my body a REAL treat that is also a healthy too!

  39. elizabeth schulz

    I get a native sun smoothie or juice just about every weekday morning! It’s a super healthy start to my day. I’ve lost 60lbs so far this year and I have native sun to thank. Thanks for all the smoothies, fresh veggies, fish and all sorts of healthy choices that make my diet so much easier and tastier! Plus the juice bar baristas are always so friendly, I could be in a really
    bad mood but those native sun wonderful employees and a healthy tasty drink make even my worst day so much more bearable. Thanks!

  40. Gabrielle McKay

    “mo smoOo-D please , ma’ma” as she slurps the cup dry. Not only are these words so cute to hear coming out of my 19-month old daughters’ little red lips, but it is so rewarding to know she is getting so much more than just a full belly (and a big happy grin). Packed with vitamins, minerals and antioxidants- Native Sun contributes to my little ones’ great health and development. There is NOTHING better than a sound mind knowing my daughter is only getting the best of what our beautiful planet has to offer… and she loves it! Thank you Native Sun, we cant wait for our smoothies 🙂

  41. Barbara Stefansson

    I start my morning off every week day with a smoothy before going to work. The Young Thai Coconut Smoothie is so energizing and taste so tropical! I sometimes buy 2. One for an afternoon snack around 3! Native Sun on San Jose has the best staff!! Tammy and Debra make the best smoothies and juices. Try there unbeetable juice too!!! Tammy thanks for your sense of humor. All the staff in the morning needs a pat on the shoulder for being so happy so early in the morning. Great job for putting a smile on a face that is not a morning person, lol.!!

  42. Indie Bollman

    I love Native Sun smoothies because they are the bomb diggity! The very rare combination of off the hook taste, and super nutricious. Satisfying all your senses, sweet tooths, and hungry tummies; Native Sun smoothies are the perfect pick me up, so that I can keep puttin ’em down all day long! Bravo!

  43. There will always be a beginning, but some are better than others. This was a good beginning. Today, I had my first very own Native Sun coconana. I suppose all coconanas should taste the same, but this one was different. As i put my mouth to the straw I could smell the caocao nips and the banana, ahh… the perfect mixture. The drink began moving through the straw and into my expectant, drooling mouth, eager for the chocolate to get into my mouth so I could start chewing. Finally, the moment came for me to start the process all over again. I guess that’s what I like about Native Sun Smoothies. There’s always a new beginning.

  44. Tiffany Evors

    I hope this is how to enter the drawing for free smoothies……… not very clear how to do so……..???????? I have tried one of your smoothies and just LOVED it and would love to try more!
    Thank you!
    Tiffany Evors
    Jax, FL

  45. Bette Wadford

    Your smoothies are the best because they are soooooo H E A L T H Y…!
    I could have one every day for lunch.

  46. You can search the Northside, Westside, Mandarin and St. Johns County….but you will not find anyone who is as loyal of a smoothie customer as me! I have a smoothie a day, every day. I know every juice-bar employee and they know me. I have passed my addiction to Strawberry Banana smoothies made with almond milk, no agave and soy protein on to my friends, my children and my employees. Native Sun is THE only place for a true smoothie made with only pure ingredients, no sugar added, vegan and gluten free. I truly love Native Sun Smoothies (and the staff too!!)!!!

  47. YUMMY SMOOTHIES! I love them for breakfast, lunch, or afternoon snack.

  48. Native Sun Smoothies are made with the finest organic and natural ingredients. They are delicious, satisfying, and refreshing on these hot Jacksonville days! There are smoothies for everyone’s different taste buds, and they are always a nutritious treat. From exotic flavors like the young Thai coconut, to the ever crowd-pleasing Strawberry-Banana, these smoothies can be a thirst quencher, or even a meal. All in all, these smoothies are a great value for their terrific taste and health benefits!

  49. Jacquie Fraser

    Because they’re simply the best…anywhere…any time…’nuff said!

  50. Fun in the sun
    Think Native Sun!
    Wanna be groovy
    Think Smoothie!

    Best place to get a groovy Smoothie is……….. Native Sun!!!! How fun!!

  51. Native Sun is only one place to make organic smoothies there is no other place like this ….my favorite Superfood Green Booster with Raw Powder Cacao and Raw Cacao nibs…..Raw Cacao is fantastic hope for chocoholic everywhere…Cacao is mean HEART BLOOd to supports a healthy cardiovascular system and booster energy….

  52. I love Native Sun smoothies because, on those days you haven’t eaten as healthy as you should, the smoothies give you the “a feeling of rejuvenation.”

  53. Though all your smoothies are extremely tasty, what makes me love Native Sun’s smoothies is what they are in. The biodegradable non-gmo corn cups are a big plus when deciding where I want to buy a smoothie.

  54. The produce section at Native Sun conveniently packaged in a cool cup.

    The perfect nutritious organic snack filled with berry goodness to keep my daughters cool in the summer. And I’ll just take one sip because its spilling out of the top. Well, maybe just one more its still too cold…

  55. Angela Rossi

    My daughter is 6 and loves to get a smoothie as a special treat when she comes shopping with me. I love to get them for her because I know that they are as healthy as they are tasty- Everybody wins!

  56. Native Sun Smoothies are the best! The employees that make them are knowledgeable. It’s hard for me to choose one, since all of the smoothies are delicious. The tip jar is always filled with an extra dollor from me. The value is great from all the top ingredients. This is going to be my top vote for “The Best Smoothies in Jacksonville”…Let’s get this in Folio Weekly next!

  57. i dont know because i havent had the pleasure of trying one yet!
    help me out Native Sun pleaaaseee 🙂

  58. I love the healthy taste of the fresh wholesome ingredents made to order. The Lavendar flowers in the smoothie is amazing. I’m hooked. We all deserve a great drink, get a Native Sun smoothie………’s the best.

  59. I like those smoothies so much because I can enjoy deliciously healthly drinks in the store- appreciate the convenience of not having to juice/clean up – and add to my repotoire of recipes – Thank you

  60. Simret and Samira

    “Because they taste so good. The flavor is yummy, and I like it. They make it good.”
    Samira 5 1/2 favorite so far cheeky monkey from baymeadows location 🙂

  61. SIP… SIP…….WOW! AHHH!
    The smoothies are so refreshing and pure! I walk around the store and try to finish my shopping, but your smoothies put me into a FEEL GOOD COMA! I just let the straw sit in my mouth and no cell phone call will come in between me and this bad boy! When I get to the last sip, reality sets in! Yes, they are that darn good, but I am now ready to start my day in a positive way! Ok, now time to shop! Thanks NATIVE SUN!

  62. I can’t tell you in words how much I love your smoothies andhow much they benefited me and the health of my babies during my past pregnancy. I just delivered twins this past week and I spent pretty much all of my pregnancy eating at your cafe and drinking your smoothies at the juice bar. My twins were born healthy and beautiful and my pregnancy was considered my ob as one of the healthiest she seen. No preeclampsia, gestational diabetes or any other typical problem of mutlples ever affected me. Even the delivery was smooth and fast and I was healthy enough to delivered without a C-section. I owe you my health and that of my family. Your smoothies were one of the biggest cravings I had, and the most delicious ones I ever taste. Your new smoothies are so delicious as well and really help this mama accomplish her mission towards a healthy pregnancy!!! You guys rock!

  63. The smoothies are fantastic. We all know that. What makes them better is that Tammie and Amanda are such a delight when they help and accommodate. We appreciate them very much and see them often.

  64. I often stop in the Baymeadows Native Sun post-work out or post-run (in training for full, and half, marathons) to grab a smoothie or fresh juice as my recovery drink of choice. I appreciate that there are no artificial colors or artificial ingredients, and that what I’m getting is created fresh and made-to-order, REAL, and most importantly, tastes great — what a winning combination! After running 10+ miles it’s crucial for me to refuel properly, ensuring that I’m feeding my body the real nutrients it needs for a proper recovery. Your smoothies are the answer in satisfying those needs, and the variety of smoothie (and juice) offerings are always plentiful. Thanks Native Sun!

  65. Fresh, Fresh, Fresh. I feel energized, and love the taste. I especially like that you use agave, this is important to a diabetic like me, it helps keep my numbers stable. Good for me and good tasting, what more can one ask?
    Maybe for a couple of new flavors to try?

  66. I love Native Sun Smoothies because they entice me to challenge my tastebuds and try new and interesting combinations of smoothies. It has actually really empowered me to try new combinations of foods/flavors outside of just smoothies, but in other meals I eat. So thank you Native Sun- your creativity is contagious!

  67. kaleigh williams

    fruit smoothies from native sun are the best because they are actual fresh fruit. not to mention they’re so tasty 🙂

  68. Connie Sloan

    I like Native Sun Smoothies because they taste so good! And , because the staff are so pleasant and kind that I know that some of that goodness just has to spill over into the smoothie! It also means a lot to me that they take pride in keeping everything very clean!

  69. Patti McConnell

    I love Native Suns smoothies, or as my niece and nephew call them “ice cream drinks”. I love being able to sip on one and know I am getting my fruits and/or vegetables for the day without trying to make meal plans. It is genius!

  70. Mary Crowell

    Your smoothies are healthy & refreshing and we have to get them on a weekly basis … at minimum. My sister takes her 2 sons to Native Sun every Saturday to get their weekly smoothie fix. Yes, my family is addicted!

  71. Dot Mitchell

    Super fresh, healthy and tasty! I am a big fan of Native Sun, and the smoothies are just another reason to love to shop there!

  72. i love them because i know native sun uses quality ingredients and they taste good without any guilt

  73. Tiffany Thompson

    B/C they are organic, healthy, and delicious!

  74. I absolutey love the smoothies at Native Sun because with each rich sip there’s a new experience. Whether it be a certain texture from your fruit of choice, or the excitement of trying a new flavor, which is sure to be followed by pure satisfaction. It’s rich, cool, filling, and well… Smoooothe. There’s nothing more to say!! 😉

  75. I LOVE Native Sun’s smoothies, because they are healthy, yummy and full of all I need for me and my baby! During my first and second trimester it was hard to find healthy foods I could tolerate. I could always count on Native Sun to have wonderful smoothies and food that was not only healthy, but also delicious. I know this may sound like overkill, but I am so greatful to Native Sun. I can be sure they are using the best, freshesh Ingredients! The staff is the best!! Just LOVE this place!!!

  76. LOVE LOVE LOVE The smoothies!! They taste amazing! There super healthy and I feel the differance in my engery levels! After working in the hot sun its so awesome to come and grab a smoothie from native sun! I know my body is getting what it needs to finish the day!

  77. I had to remove smoothies from my diet due to all the added sugars and flavors of the ‘Kings’ and ‘Planets’. I knew I could trust Native Sun to only use the healthiest ingredients to take care of my cravings….but never expected that they would taste even better than the mainstream, dessert smoothies that did nothing for my health. Thanks Native Sun….it’s good to know we can count on you for all the healthful support we need.

  78. First thoughts that come to mind when considering a Native Sun smoothie: appetizing, best, character (have), dazzling, energizing, filling, great, happy, infectious, jubilant, killer stuff, loveable, mouth-watering, neat, opportunity (what an), potent, quick, really great, stupendous, terrific, unique, very delicious, wise, ‘xactly what I’m looking for, yummy, zealous (pursue at all costs). ENJOYMENT and HEALTH here I come!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! What an option!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  79. Words cannot explain the expression on my face when I took my first sip of Native Sun’s Peanut Butter Pie Smoothie. I am a huge peanut butter fan. This smoothie took my tastebuds to a place that they have never been before. I am a true believer that no matter what mood a person is in, one sip will literally change a “bad” day into a “spectacular” day!

  80. I have never tried a smoothie from Native Sun, but would like to!
    I’m sure that they would be made of the finest ingredients, organic of course. Not to mention that they would be a healthy choice and would be refreshing on a hot summer day.

  81. Not only do I love the fact that all the ingredients are real, whole, natural, no perservatives, healthy, relaxing or energetic and it is made right in front of you! No tricks, no gimmicks. It gives a person a REAL excuse to go to the store and shop (even if not needed :)) while sipping on the best smoothie in Jacksonville!

  82. 1)Because no one else can mix the worst tasting vegetables into such a
    delicious and nutritious drink

    2)Because it’s the only way to bribe my kids from digging into the
    candy bins

    3)Because Tropical Smoothie is so 2007


    And because Native Sun is just plain awesome.

  83. Because the cheeky monkey gets me freaky deeky.

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