The Color of Organic Produce

Our produce selection – all organic, of course – has been gorgeous lately and every thing tastes just as good as it looks! These pictures are from our Baymeadows store, but we have the same items available at Mandarin.

From top to bottom: Organic Rainbow & Red Chard;  Organic Green Beans, Purple String Beans & Yellow Wax Beans; Organic Peaches, Plums & Pluots; Organic Broccoli, Cheddar & White Cauliflower; Organic Red Beet Root & Rainbow Carrots; Organic Radishes; Baymeadows Produce Cooler.


One response to “The Color of Organic Produce

  1. After enjoyed seeing the photos, I discover the huge different of the organic produce color. It is so rich in color, full of liveness energy as well as it appears in solid and crunchy. Absolutely a great real food that we deserved and choose to have.

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