Cough, Sniffle, Sneeze . . . Cold & Flu Season is upon us! This year instead of reaching for harsh medicines that try to halt your body’s natural reactions, opt for all-natural alternatives that work in harmony with your body’s defense systems. Below is a list of products that our customers and staff use every year to ward off flu-like symptoms.

Buried Treasure Children’s ACF

ENTER TO WIN a Flu Season Prize Pack with ALL of these great items – A $180 Value! – by visiting our Facebook Fan Page. To enter to win, “like” us by hitting the “like” button at the top of our Facebook Fan page & leave a comment on our Facebook Fan page wall about one of the great products listed above. Tell us if you’ve tried it, heard about it, seen results with it or a fun fact you found on the product’s website. We’ll pick TWO winners – one on Friday, October 15 & one on Friday, October 29. Good luck!

*You must comment on our FACEBOOK FAN PAGE to be entered to win this month’s giveaway. Comments left on this blog will not count.*


5 responses to “October Giveaway: ENTER TO WIN ON FACEBOOK!

  1. Theresa Lindner

    After my previously healthy son was hospitalized for complications from the H1N1 flu (and left with some lung damage from the pneumonia it caused), we are very serious about using the products available to help our immune systems gear up so they can be their best as flu season approaches once again.

  2. Janice Morris

    Native Sun is a great nutrition emporium. Come and get your Buried Treasure ACF in a bottle. 3,500 plus vitamins and minerals. During cold and flu season I wouldn’t be without it. Fast relief, no added sweeteners, taste is tolerable and has no side effects. Heard about it, tried it and have seen results.

  3. keith moffett

    LOVE Native Sun try the brocoilli sprouts !!!

  4. linda benjamin

    The super-friendly, extraordinarily helpful staff at my mandarin store is the BEST! It is comforting to know that I can get everything healthy and yummy from a great LOCAL COMPANY!

  5. Michelle Benefield

    I love native sun, what they as a whole foods market stands for.

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