Aaron’s Flu Season Tips + Giveaway Reminder!

It’s that time of year again – sneezes, sinus infections, and the dreaded flu. Coping with immune deficiencies can become a full time job in the family household and cause valuable time missed from work and school.

Knowing how to prepare for the season will help you minimize interruptions to your professional and personal life.  Around the time my daughter starts back to school, I begin to think about stocking my arsenal of immune support to help my body to fight off the nastiest of bugs.  I don’t win every battle but have had good success with the war that spans fall & winter. I found restocking the immune aid kit early helps to save money and protect the family at the first signs of a compromised immune system.  Below are a few of my yearly essentials.

1. Oscillo from Boiron: A homeopathic remedy known for lessening the severity of flu symptoms. I personally take half of one a day if a family member is showing signs. Beverly at Native Sun takes one vial per week, as a preventative measure from September through May.  She says she picked up on this because it is the way it is often done in Europe. I always keep it on hand because it is directed to take immediately at the first signs of flu symptoms. This often happens in the middle of the night and the next morning would be too late. I love this product and have used it for the past 14 years. 

2. ACF from Buried Treasure: I use this when I am not sure what my immune system is fighting off and need broad spectrum support. Whether you feel you might need vitamin C, echinacea/goldenseal, mullein, elderberry, colloidal silver, and the list goes on, ACF has got your back. This liquid formula starts it’s work straight away with it’s cooling feeling on agitated lungs. I have found this soothing feeling also helpful for a cough caused by throat irritation. Over the past 4 years this has become THE go to product for the Native Sun staff as well as our customer “regulars”. People have been extremely happy with its ability to help the body put up a good fight so they can resume normal activity.

3. Phytocillin from Herbs Etc: “Phyto” stands for plant based and “cillin” sounds like this product might be in the penicillin family to me. I interpret it as “plant based penicillin” and that is how I use it. Lingering infections don’t get me down because if the above arsenal is not working phytocillin is there in my immune support kit to be next in line to help me fight my battle. Probably the best plant based flu season support that I have tried.

4. Umka from Nature’s Way:  A homeopathic* remedy that has been shown in studies to lessen the time and severity of cold symptoms. This African herb is essential to getting  you back on your feet while your immune system is putting you back together again. *Please note that although it says “homeopathic” on the label it is the mother tincture and should not be used with some medications.

My list could go on and on, highlighting great products to keep your immune system strong when the workplace or home is compromised. I have chosen my favorites that I have seen my family, my staff, and our Native Sun customers return to year after year. Stock up when you are well so you are prepared when the first battle occurs. These products have a mutli-year shelf life, so your preperation this year will be your savings next year!

One important note: Hand washing is essential at this time of year. Even if you are normally diligent about hand washing, pay extra attention to do this before you eat or prepare food. Most seasonal colds and flus are picked up through contact with an individual or a surface that contains bacteria.

Have a happy healthy fall and winter season!  – Aaron Gottlieb, Owner of Native Sun Natural Foods Market

These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. The products mentioned are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. ________________________________________________________

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