GT’s Raw Kombucha is Back!

After months of research & reformulation to address alcohol content issues, GT is back with a new interpretation of their original kombucha formula called GT Enlightened Synergy Kombucha.

Although packaging looks the same (for now), these new kombuchas have a lighter and smoother taste. They are still raw – GT bottles everything straight from the batch without any pasteurization, filtration, or dilution – and they offer the same high nutritional value that you have come to expect from GT’s Kombucha. However, the company did change the probiotic ratio of the product and shortened the shelf life to ensure the inherent alcohol levels do not raise above the legal limit.

We currently have six flavors of GT’s New “Enlightened Synergy” Kombuchas in our Grab n Go coolers at both stores. Choose from Cranberry, Gingerade, Gingerberry, Multi-Green, Original and Trilogy.

GT does plan to re-launch their original formula in the near future, but due to recent concerns, it may have to be sold as an “over 21” product.


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