Turkey Days are Here! Reserve Yours by Nov. 19!

Happy Turkey Days! Call your local Native Sun Natural Foods Market to reserve your ideal holiday turkey today; Baymeadows at 260-2791 or Mandarin at 260-6950. Details and pricing are below. Reservations must be made by November 19, pickup starts on November 20 during our Fall Food Festival!

Turkeys                                                COST               RANGE
Natural Turkey, Whole                                $2.99/lb             8lb-24lbs
Organic Turkey, Whole                                $3.99/lb             8lb-24lbs
Organic Turkey Breast, Bone-in               $5.69/lb             4-12lbs
*Turkeys vary by size, weight guaranteed within 2lbs of request.

Specialty Meats                                             COST               RANGE
Natural Cornish Game Hen                        $5.49/lb             Avg 1.5lbs    
Natural Spiral Sliced Ham                          $5.99/lb             Avg 7 lbs                      
*No reservations available for cornish hens or spiral hams.

An Easy Guide to Choosing Your Holiday Turkey


Raised w/o Antibiotics               
Or Synthetic Growth                               YES                                                  YES

Raised Free-Range with                          YES                                                 YES
Access to Pasture?

Fed only Certified Organic                      YES                                                NO

Third-Party Inspection of
Farm to verify product’s                          YES                                                NO      
Organic integrity?


4 responses to “Turkey Days are Here! Reserve Yours by Nov. 19!

  1. Drew Nasrallah

    I would like to reserve an organic whole turkey weighing about 12 lbs. Thank you.

  2. Claire McKenzie

    I’ve already ordered my turkey, however, will they be ready to pick up by 10am on Friday, Nov. 20th? Thanks -claire

  3. Claire – Turkeys will be available for pickup starting this Saturday, November 20. If you have any questions, call the store where you reserved your turkey for help.

  4. sharon sherrod

    I would like to reserve a 1 6 lb whole organic turkey.
    Many thanks, Sharon

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