NEW! Uncle Matt’s Organic, Florida Orange Juice

We are excited to now carry Uncle Matt’s Organic, Florida Orange & Florida Grapefruit Juice at both Native Sun stores! It’s local, organic and cheaper at just $5.49 per 59 oz. caraf. (Organic Valley OJ is out of production until March 2011 due to crop issues.)

Uncle Matt’s is a family company located in Clermont, FL. Their orange juice is a delicious blend of organic Florida Hamlin and Valencia oranges developed over four generations. The Hamlin orange was Uncle Matt’s grandfather’s favorite orange because of its high vitamin C content and dynamic, robust flavor. The Valencia orange is Florida’s most famous variety, known for its deep orange color and sweet juice. When you blend these two together you get a dynamite fresh squeezed taste reminiscent of a Florida roadside stand. 

Their grapefruit juice is a blend of mellow Ruby Reds and robust Whites that are not-from-concentrate, flash-pasteurized and USDA certified organic. Grapefruit juice is a great source of vitamin C, calcium, folic acid, phosphorus, potassium and powerful phytonutrients – like free radical-fighting lycopene and disease-deterring limonoids.

Uncle Matt’s uses only 100% Florida fruit grown using USDA certified organic methods. Their juices are naturally low in acid, made without any added flavor or peel oil. To even further assure you of their high quality standards, Uncle Matt’s is also certified Kosher and Pareve by Florida Kosher Services. Plus, their bottles are BPA Free made with PET #1 which is the most recyclable form of plastic and the safest for food and juices.

Click here to learn more about this local company & their great products.


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