December Giveaway: Gifts from the Grocery Aisle

Picking up items for your holiday feast? Add some gifts to your grocery list! 

My Recommendations: Alaffia Handwoven African Grass Basket $39.99; Rilento Wines $9.69 each (ON SALE NOW – $8.99!) ; Good Buddy Squeaky Moose Dog Toy $6.59; Alba Terra Lip Gloss $5.69; Celestial Seasonings Peppermint Tea – 40 Bags $4.95; Good Buddy Sun-Dried Raw Hide for Dogs $4.49; Pacifica Soy Candles $13.89 each; Green & Black’s Organic Chocolate $3.59 each; R.W. Knudsen Sparkling Organic Apples Cider $4.29; Zum Bar Goat’s Milk Soap $5.29 each; Kleen Kanteen Stainless Steel Water Bottle $19.99. We also have a large selection of books, beer & wine, health & beauty products, reusable bags, stocking stuffers, gift cards and more.

ENTER TO WIN! Leave a comment below telling us what “Gift from the Grocery Aisle” you’d like to receive this holiday season & you’ll be entered to win a $50 Native Sun Gift Card! Four winners will be chosen on December 17. Good luck!


56 responses to “December Giveaway: Gifts from the Grocery Aisle

  1. This is TOUGH! I love everything about Native Sun, so anything from any of the aisles would be a great catch! If I could stock up on smoothies and juices from the juice bar I’d do that too. On my holiday Native Sun “wish list” would be…and in no particular order: bags of dried apples, figs and apricots, an assortment of Larabars (gingersnap, banana bread, cashew cookie…), Ezekial bread with sesame seeds, Justin’s Almond Butter, and an assortment fresh produce — maybe some rainbow chard, kale, celery and broccoli. Maybe some heirloom tomatoes too, if still in season!

  2. Nothing better than eating seasonal with fresh organic produce. Winter squash (I am trying every kind this year) apples and pears.

  3. I’d love some Green & Black Organic Chocolate!! Native Sun gift cards would be nice too. 🙂

  4. Tea would by gift of choice from the grocery aisle! I would like one armful of teas and one armful of sweeteners… Oolong, black tea, maybe some whole-leaf green with vanilla, lavender, and jasmine infusions. Some light agave, blue agave, local honey, exotic honey… I can’t think of anything better!

  5. I love some good Green & Black Organic Chocolate! Haven’t had it in a while and now I have a craving!

  6. The December basket has so much wonderful items it’s hard to choose one of the products that Native Sun’s selected for the give-away. I guess if I had to choose just one, then it would be the Zum bar goats milk soap.

    My wish list however would definitely include items from the fresh produce isle. Along with some bulk bin items. And who could resist the meat/deli dept.

  7. Claudia Scott

    I think that a gift basket from the oils/salad dressings/dried fruits/nut spreads etc. aisle would be wonderful! I would certainly include some of the divine Divina olive paste that goes great with just about anything. Mmmm..making my mouth water…time for a shitake mushroom sandwich.
    Happy Holidays, everyone at Native Sun! Claudia

  8. Ooo I would love to try the sparkling cider!

  9. I just recently discovered Native Sun and am so glad I did! If I had to pick just one “Gift from the Grocery Aisle” this holiday season, it would be the Pacifica Soy Candles. I’ve purchased them before and was very pleased. =)

  10. The Native Sun salmon dip is divine!

  11. I’d love a Klean Kanteen and some organic chocolate! Yum! Also love the Thomas raw honey – by the gallon!

  12. A big tub of Vanilla Chai Vega, some Paul Newman’s dark chocolate peanut butter cups, and a case a Amy & Brian’s coconut water with chunks of coconut meat in it!

  13. I would fill a basket with gluten free foods for my husband. He has Celiacs Disease and the holidays are tough for him with everyone making homemade cakes and cookies. He usually accepts them with a smile and passes them on to our children to eat. He doesn’t get anything homemade except in our home. Native Sun has a great selection of gluten free foods that meet his sweet tooth needs.

  14. Hello,
    My favorite section is the fresh produce isle. Your selection of fresh herbs is what often brings me to the store. The aromas and added touch of color to each dish you help me put into the presentation are invaluable.

  15. I would love the Good Buddy Sun-Dried Raw Hide to give to a very dear friend!!

  16. Native Sun is an an excellent store.
    I am a big fan of your local to Jackonville organic coffee from BOLD BEAN COFFEE ROASTERS.

  17. My favorite is the fresh organic chicken quarters from your meat section.
    The taste is much more natural as compared to any other chicken products I used to buy in conventional grocery stores.
    I also like the Cascadian Farms organic cereals and the dried fruit sold in bulk. Your raisins and dried blueberries are delicious.

  18. Marilyn Bagdonas

    Ofcourse, I would want the big Alaffia Handwoven African Grass Basket!
    I could stuff it all the way to the top with all the things I normally buy…good fresh organic veggies, eggs, cheese, breads deli…and, oooops, I don’t think the Smoothie would fit.

  19. I love it all. I want it all!! 😉

  20. Definitely the wine. Enough said. 😉

  21. Wow, what a selection! I would be happy with absolutely any of the choices. I think a nice bottle of red Rilento Wine would be perfect for this chilly autumn weather we are having!

  22. Trying to keep within a budget while eating organic is tricky, but I know it’s best for me and my family. There are a couple splurges that I have never purchased due to their high cost. One is Gabriel makeup products and the other is the yummy-looking organic pork roast. =))))

  23. I have to say my favorite thing, bar none, is the Terrapin Coffee Oatmeal Imperial Stout, which should be coming back very shortly. It’s a seasonal ale that, as it’s name states, tastes heavily of coffee. It’s my very guilty pleasure, and I want some now!

  24. Native Sun is FULL of yummy stuff!! My FAV is the in-house gluten free pear cake…delish! Off the shelf…well that would be any flav of coconut milk ice cream!! I like all the fresh organic greens for juicing too:)

  25. Ooooh so many choices! I’d start with the chocolate – Green & Blacks Organic Chocolate is the very best! Then some Rilento wine would be nice. And end the day w/a hot bath using the Zum Bar Goat’s Milk Soap!

  26. For my ”Gift from the Grocery Aisle”, I wish for some Greens Protein Bars (chocolate peanut butter flavor, please), some assorted deli items (I mean, Apple Berry Crisp deliciousness – c’mon!), a few Liz Lovely cookies, a yummy smoothie and a bottle of the Blood Orange perfume, please.
    Thank You! Happy Holidays!

  27. I love candles, so my Christmas wish would be to get Pacifica Soy Candles but and I cant forget my dog Star she got to have the Good Buddy Raw Hide Bone!!! Wooof


    Besides wanting the salad bar from Mandarin stocked fresh at my house, I would love to have unlimited supply of Raw Power! That stoff rocks! Actually you can add some Carribean Tempeh Wraps to that wishlist…and some Green&Blacks White Chocolate for dessert!

  29. Elyse Sheppard

    I love, love your store! Everytime I go anywhere else, I’m disappointed. Your Gluten Free selection is great! I would love your beautiful basket, too.

  30. Yum, I like the peppermint tea! Thanks for the chance to win!!

  31. Oh, definitely the chocolate! and I love the grass basket, too. I just love shopping at Native Sun.

  32. Anything by Green & Black’s is so…darn…good. My mouth is watering. I better stop by and grab some Organic Valley milk as well.

  33. I’d love to fill the basket up with all my favorites and try some new things from Native Sun. Definitely chocolate and wine and then I’d want to be good and put in lots of fresh organic veggies. Love the organic salmon and chicken, too. Trying a different flavor smoother each week is fun, too. I had a gift card once and it was like Christmas every time I went in to Native Sun, especially the needed items on my list back by the vitamin aisles. HOLIAY BLESSINGS……………….ANN CLEMENTE

  34. Hi!!! My husband and I just got home from Native Sun and I had this e-mail. I’m excited about the chance to win!!! We just recently started experimenting with a raw diet, so we really enjoy all of the amazing organic options you have for fruits and veggies…I guess a gift card would be nice so that we could stock up on all of our greens!!! YUMMY

  35. Yummy food from BayMeadows Hot Bar!!

  36. Well, any of those gifts would be great. But, I have been hinting for over a year for one of those wonderful baskets. So, that would be my pick!

  37. It is hard to pick just one thing from such a wonderful store! I love the fresh produce and the bulk items. The deli and bakery aren’t half bad either. I love the pumpkin whoopie pies, they are nectar of the gods!!! And I love the choices of vitamins and probiotics as well as the liquid aminos. All and all everything about this store is JUST WONDERFUL!!!!! I love shopping there I just wish I could afford to do 100% of my shopping here.

  38. A gift card would be perfect, of course. I’ve never tried the raw hides for my fur babies…I will be buying those this year! The organic candies are wonderful. I’ve been looking at those Alaffia Handwoven African Grass Basket every time I go in as well! Just about anything from your store would be perfect as a gift! Thanks for being there!!

  39. Everyone’s commentary is wonderfully thought-provoking! Its hard to choose just 1 item but i think it would have to b a soy candle since that is something everyone in my family could enjoy & i have so many around the house that i never light because they arent made w/ safe, eco-friendly ingredients

  40. Catherine Wilson

    I would like to receive cook books for vegetarian cooking. I am new to the organic plant food diet after reading Food Revolution and Healthy at 100 by John Robbins and visiting Dr. John McDougals web site. I am trying new fruits and vegetables that I purchased at Native Sun at your recent Holiday Food Festival which was alot of fun.

  41. I would like to see some Enjoy Life Chocolate Bars, and some Rudi’s Gluten-Free Bread! I would LOVE a gift card!!! 🙂


  42. Either the “Good Buddy Squeaky Toy” or the “Good Buddy Rawhide Bone” would definitey be a welcomed gift for my dog, Bailey. Though she may not be on everyone’s shopping lists this Christmas Season, she will no doubt receive lots of love and attention…and a few special dog-type gifts Christmas morning.

  43. Peppermint tea sounds divine!

  44. Mostly anything from Reed’s is fantastic. I am also partial to Kettle Chips and yummy produce.

  45. any annie’s product! crackers, mac and cheese, bbq sauce……larabars, clif bars, cashew butter, coconut butter and natural pb chips!

  46. I’m liking it all but if I must chose… cider wine and chocolate… mmm!

  47. I would love the sun dried raw hide for my dog, Connor, and the Black & Green chocolate for me! We would both have a little something to indulge and enjoy!
    I love Native Sun and the Gluten Free Bakery! Helps tremendously with my GF lifestyle and no time for baking.

  48. Would love fresh fruit, esp in the winter. Also nothing says Happy Holidays like Chocolate and peanut butter.

  49. I want one of each to fill my sack and distribute amongst my family, friends and those in need!

  50. I would love an organic turkey to feed my family and all our guests for Christmas!

  51. I would love the Zum Bar Goat’s milk soap. All of it is great! Too much to choose from. The cider is awesome this time of year, also (cinnimon sticks of course!!) It’s such a place to make an afternoon of it enjoying the natural and peace surroundings. It’s a place of “Zen”. A Holiday Turkey for the family would be the ultimate!!

  52. Holiday turkey for the family! Apple cider or Goat’s Milk soap is great, too

  53. Linda Anderson

    Would love dog and cat toys and organic dog food and cat food.

  54. Dreaming of groceries from Native Sun…and those dreams include Knudsen’s Organic cider, peppermint teas, almond butter, your salmon dip, any organic salsas….oh, forget those visions of sugarplums, I’ve got Native Sun dancing in my dreams!!!

  55. Chandra Ashton

    I’m pretty sure my stocking would easily hold about four of those wonderful Zum Bar Goat’s Milk Soaps! That’s the “Gift from the Grocery Aisle” I would like to receive! 😉

  56. I would love a nice bottle of wine to share with family and friends in Christmas day.

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