EWG’s 2011 Bottled Water Scorecard

The Environmental Working Group asks the question “What’s in Your Bottled Water – Besides Water?” & releases it’s 2011 Bottled Water Scorecard . . .

Pure, clean water. That’s what the ads say. But what does the lab say? When you shell out for bottled water, which costs up to 1,900 times more than tap water, you have a right to know what exactly is inside that pricey plastic bottle.

Most bottled water makers don’t agree. They keep secret some or all the answers to these elementary questions: Where does the water come from? Is it purified & if so, how? Have tests found any contaminants? Of the 173 unique bottled water products EWG surveyed, more than half failed their transparency test –18 percent didn’t say where their water comes from, and another 32 percent did not disclose any information on treatment or purity of water.

Only three brands earned the highest possible marks for disclosing information and using the most advanced treatment methods available – Gerber Pure Purified Water, Nestle Pure Life Purified Water, and Penta Ultra-Purified Water (ON SALE NOW! $1.29 for 16.9oz, Reg $2.19. Click here to see other deals in-store for you.)

How does your bottled water brand stack up?

1.     Pure Life Purified Water (Nestle), EWG grade = B
2.     Arrowhead Mountain Spring Water (Nestle), EWG grade = C
3.     Aquafina Purified Drinking Water (Pepsi), EWG grade = D
4.     Dasani Purified Water (Coca-Cola), EWG grade = D
5.     Deer Park Natural Spring Water (Nestle), EWG grade = D
6.     Ice Mountain Natural Spring Water (Nestle), EWG grade = D
7.     Ozarka Natural Spring Water (Nestle), EWG grade = D
8.     Poland Spring Natural Spring Water (Nestle), EWG grade = D
9.     Zephyrhills Natural Spring Water (Nestle), EWG grade = D
10.  Crystal Geyser Natural Alpine Spring Water (CG Roxane), EWG grade =  F

Until the Federal Food and Drug Administration cracks down on water bottlers, use EWG’s Bottled Water Scorecard to find brands that disclose water source, treatment and quality and that use advanced treatment methods to remove a broad range of pollutants.”

Source: EWG , Shine


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