Save Organic Dairy! Take Action Today!

Organic dairy farms depend on organic alfalfa for cow feed.  Cross contamination w/ GE crops has already made corn and canola in Canada exclusivley GMO.  It is so widespread through airborn pollen that it has made Candian Farmers helpless from growing non GMO crops!  Stop this before it becomes this way in the USA.

Please take a moment to contact your Congressperson about GE Alfalfa today! Just two minutes of your time will help protect organic dairy, consumer choice, organic and non-GMO farmers and markets like Native Sun Natural Foods Market.

Below is a letter that you can copy & paste into an email to your congressperson. CLICK HERE to begin your contact process now!


Dear Congress(man/woman)                      & Staff,

Within the next few days, the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) will announce its policy on genetically-engineered (GE) alfalfa.  There are lots of reasons to be concerned about GE crops including compelling evidence that these crops lead to herbicide-resistant super-weeds and require the use of more toxic herbicides.  But the biggest potential problem posed by GE alfalfa is the likely contamination of organic alfalfa which is used as feed by most organic dairies.

The USDA is now considering whether to approve full deregulation, giving biotech a green light to use GE-alfalfa without any restrictions OR deregulation with restrictions through a policy of “coexistence” which would mandate the protection of organic.

While I would rather the USDA ban GE production completely, it is clear that, faced with these choices, the best chance at preserving the future of organic agriculture is to fight for every protection available under the “coexistence” approach.

I believe that Coexistence makes sense, provided 3 essential conditions are met:

• The protection of seed purity for all farmers, including organic, so we maintain variety and avoid massive mono-culture;

• Compensation by the patent holder to the farmer for any losses related to the contamination of his crop; and

• Public oversight by the USDA as it has the authority to protect all US agriculture.

I believe that consumers deserve to be able to choose to buy organic foods free of GE contamination. Because of this I am asking you to please contact House Agriculture Committee Chairman Frank Lucas to express support for Secretary Vilsack’s coexistence option.




Thank you in advance for you time & support on this issue!


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