Voluntary Recall of Select Annie’s Bunny Grahams

Annie’s has decided to voluntarily recall Honey & Chocolate Chip Bunny Grahams with Best By dates from February 2011 through July 2011 due to recent reports of off-odors. They determined this is not a health risk, but asked retailers to pull affected products to ensure a positive customer experience. Annie’s Chocolate, Cinnamon and Friends grahams are NOT affected.

If you have any problems or questions, Annie’s can be reached at 1-800-299-1089.


11 responses to “Voluntary Recall of Select Annie’s Bunny Grahams

  1. elisssabeth

    I got a box of these from my local Food Lion. Ewwww they tasted gross! I thought it was just stored improperly, threw it away, and vowed to never shop there again LOL.

  2. Did you have off odors?

  3. elisssabeth

    Yes…upon opening the box, the smell was horrible. Tasted and smelled like rancid (cooking) oil.

  4. I just bought a box of Bunny Graham Friends- which were my favorite, and were missing from other stores… ugh! I see why now! Yes, that is exactly the taste. The whole package smells oily and the first cookie i bit into had a foul bitter taste. The taste stayed in my mouth like poison. It smells and tastes like burned greasy ash. I bought these from Giant food store. I’m taking them back there in the morning.

  5. That is really gross. I am hoping that we have neared the end of this recall and that all affected packages have been pulled from the shelves of other stores…

  6. I hope they expand this recall to September because my wife and I just opened a box of bunny graham chocolate chip for our son and thank god we decided to taste them before we gave him any. They tasted like they had been laced with rat poison. I can’t get the taste out of my mouth!

  7. That is disgusting…I am glad I haven’t tried any recently. Did you get them from us?

  8. Ugh! I just bought a package of Bunny Graham Friends (mixed flavors) and the smell is awful! My 4-year-old agrees. The recall notice says that the Friends product is not affected, but they are wrong! The 800 number listed above is continuously busy.

  9. They are also wrong about the Cinnamon Bunnies not being affected. I just opened a box, put one in my mouth, and immediately spit it out. I have never tasted anything so horrible! I’m glad it won’t kill me. It sure tasted like it might.

  10. Did you purchase the bad cinnamon bunnies at our stores or somewhere else? That is really gross and I can’t believe that people are still finding faults with these products!

  11. Costco sold me these awful tasting cookies. OMG, I think I might vomit from the varnish/wood taste.

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