Native Sun @ Baymeadows & 9A Closed March 21

Our Baymeadows location is closed today (Monday, March 21) due to technical difficulties, but will re-open tomorrow at 8am. Please note that our Deli, Dairy, Produce, Meat and Seafood Departments may be out of a handful of items due to lack of availability or short notice. We apologize for the inconvenience. For any immediate needs, please visit our Mandarin location at 10000 San Jose Blvd., or call (904) 260-6950.

The Cost of Being Green
As a “green” company we do things differently than most. Sometimes that means doing something that no one has ever done before – and with that, dealing with problems that no one has ever dealt with before. Native Sun was the first in the US to install a Gravity Feed Glycol Refrigeration System instead of pumping harmful refrigerants into the environment. Unfortunately, this unique system went down on Sunday, March 20 and affected products in our Deli, Dairy, Produce, Meat & Seafood coolers. 

Please rest assured that we have multiple safe guards in place and are taking extra measures as we speak to guarantee this incident does not happen again.

As part of our commitment to food safety and quality, we are following a very strict protocol for identifying, disposing of and documenting any and all spoiled product. When we re-open tomorrow, all of the affected departments will have been cleared out, cleaned and re-stocked with fresh, new product.

Huge thanks to all of our vendors for preparing special orders for us in this time of need and to our customers for your patience & support. We really appreciate it!


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