$100 Question: What’s Your Morning Ritual?

The girl above likes to start her day with coffee, eggs, peace & quiet – if you don’t mind. What is your idea of a great morning? Reading the paper, walking your dog, breakfast with the family, working out, sleeping in, morning tv or meditation?

Tell us about your morning ritual & you’ll be entered to win a $100 Native Sun Gift Card! To be eligible to win, you must first subscribe to the Native Sun blog by clicking here, then leave your answer to this month’s question in the comment section on our blog page. ONE winner will be picked at random on April 29. Good luck!

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50 responses to “$100 Question: What’s Your Morning Ritual?

  1. My morning is usually coffee and Greek yogurt with blueberries, chia and flax.

  2. Sleeping in on the weekend for sure.

    During the week, a nice bowl of granola or oatmeal with the morning paper.

  3. Most mornings are comprised of this routine: GBW: gym, breakfast, then work. Relaxing weekend days are a long run or jog, then breakfast and coffee, with a Sunday newspaper (and coupon clipping!) thrown in then a walk in the park. Weekday mornings have the same ritual: gym, then shower, then typically I scramble two organic eggs topped with avocado and a dash of smoked paprika, served with a slice of toasted Ezekial sesame seed studded bread (from where else…Native Sun! It’s cheaper at NS than at Whole Foods and Publix, too) topped with coconut oil (also from NS) and a sprinkle of cinnamon. Then the essentials, in this order: brush teeth, dry/comb hair, get dressed…and sprint out the door to work or a meeting!

  4. First things first – I drink my Amazing Grass Green Superfood with a teaspoon of raw maca and water. Then soaked oatmeal w/ fruit or organic eggs on sprouted toast (Ezekiel or French Meadow) spread with coconut oil and Vegemite. Then after digestion comes a morning workout: P90X, Insanity, or yoga depending on the day. I didn’t even realize I had such a strict routine until writing this…

  5. I start off my morning with my daily devotional(DEVO). I spend time in The Word. I then have some coffee & usually yogurt w/ granola or fruit.
    On cold days I like to wak up to a crock pot full of oatmeal.

  6. Mornings are the best time of day! My morning ritual consists of a glass of water with fresh lemon slices, 20 minutes of blissful meditation, a relaxing shower and then a power breakfast of eggs, Kefir and fruit!

  7. Tara Ramo Bishop

    I wake up every morning to the laughter of my son as he plays in his crib. My husband brings the baby to me and I nurse him back to sleep (if I’m lucky). Then, we get up and embrace the day.

  8. mary edwards

    First, i drink lots of purified water, at least 60 oz. Next, I make green tea or yerba mate. Then, i make gluten-free oatmeal, to which i add coconut oil, almond butter and chia seeds. With yummy breakfast in hand, i spend the next few minutes in prayer and meditation. Now I am ready for the day. Oh, yes: I make certain to have a little ‘extra’ cereal left for my wonderful pound puppy, Lulu.

  9. During the week, a cup of green tea with raw honey, grapefruit, some type of whole grain bread/bagel & a second fruit like strawberries or pears. Sometimes on the weekends, homemade whole grain waffles with organic maple syrup & fruit.

  10. Tina Kicklighter

    I start the day by checking and responding to emails. (I can’t help it.) Then, it’s gluten-free oatmeal for me. If I’m feeling special, I turn the oatmeal into pancakes. Then I check email again before showering. Then…you guessed it…

  11. Quiet time, then cuties waking up and having Barleans green juice together.. Then breakfast of oatmeal with cinnamon, protein ,blueberrries,flax and walnuts. Or organic eggs with Ezekiel bread. From there it is bike rides, and fun outside in some sun.

  12. I wake up, take a deep breath and a drink of water. Then I say good morning to my cat Xena, and give her fresh water and top off her food. Then I hit the start on the coffee pot while I get ready for work. Once I finish my coffee and prepare my lunch, I do a 10 min Violet Fire Mantra meditation that connects me to ALL and then I’m good to start my day! Ahhhh so grateful*

  13. Andrea Collins

    My morning starts with a whey protein shake with 1/2 cup of liquid egg whites. I then have a cup of hot green tea or a cup of purified water with 2 tsp of organic apple cider vinegar

  14. If I’m not getting up for yoga or going for a run on the beach I’ll usually sleep until the last possible minute. Then it’s shower time, french press and a smoothie which usually consists of fresh almond milk, banana, kale, ginger, protein powder, maca, lucuma, chia seeds, hemp seeds, epicor and either strawberries, blueberries or raspberries. Then cups in hand and off to work.

  15. The sounds of a harp nudge me awake at 5:00 am every morning for a quick glass of water before a invigorating cardio session followed by weights and stretching. Then it’s off to the showers to get ready for work. Meanwhile DH is brewing coffee in the French Press with a to-go cup ready for me and I am off to work. Once I am at work I sit down and enjoy oatmeal with two hard boiled egg whites.

  16. My morning routine is breakfast smoothie: 8 oz H2O, 1/2 to 1 cup of fruit (usually berries), a soy protein powder, a super berry additive (like Barleans or Alive) and a 70 cal. whey-free protein drink. Keeps me energized and satisfied until lunch while kick starting my metabolism. Over the weekends, I add in a 1-mile dog walk.

  17. Tania Genova

    I think variety in the morning routine, as in any meal during the day is a easy way to avoid accumulation of unwanted food ingredients in your body. Wholegrain waffles are definitely part of our breakfast ideas – my kids love the quickly prepared at home strawberry topping (boiling fresh cut slices of strawberries with a very modest amount of raw sugar – the color turns out excellent and the presentation is unsurpassed.) We also love the organic cereals by Cascadian Farms. Our new discovery for the year was the Ravens Brew organic coffee – made an espresso with excellent crema and aroma using a Saeco espresso machine.

  18. i wake up at 6:00,thank the Lord for my day, start breakfast for my husband and his lunch, put on water for my japenese green tea, found only at native sun; sit with my green tea and read my Bible and have prayer time with God; around 8:00 i have my breakfast- a typical one would be organic oatmeal, made with organic skim milk,fruit, nuts and a touch of honey or pure maple syrup; oh, and i kiss and hug my husband good-bye earlier:) get ready for work, listening to some teaching or praise music- make my lunch and off to work.

  19. Oatmeal with granola

  20. Tracyaiello@gmail.com

    For me, there is nothing quite like waking up just at sunrise to the smell of a freshly brewed cup of coffee being poured into my travel mug in preparation for a morning walk or bikeride at the beach with my fiancé and our dog.

  21. I wake up to the news wander down stairs to a cup of african nectar and whole wheat pancakes with fresh fruit. Then housework and errands.

  22. Most weekday mornings I have a cup of organic green tea. I usually sneak a smoothie in made with frozen organic fruits that I’ve bought at a discount from our produce section at work. I always use almond milk and some raw protein powder to get my day going after getting my girls off to school :)o

  23. Cindy Friederich

    Black coffee with 1/2 food for life English muffin with coconut oil and fresh fruit.

  24. Chandra Ashton

    First thing is my water with iodine, then either a protein, greens, GSE & ground flax seed drink or a bowl of 1 cup soaked gluten free oatmeal with coconut oil, fruit, ground flax and raw goat milk. I enjoy an occasional plate of scrambled eggs with coconut oil, garlic, oregano, cayenne and black peppers, too.

  25. Daniel Goldfileld

    We have amazing mornings, especially since the children our homeschooled and we get to have quality together time in the mornings. I usually wake up with the kids and let my wife sleep a little bit. I make myself a large cup of herbal tea and the kids have a nice hot bowl of oatmeal, sometimes cheerios or cornflakes. When the wife awakens, I make her either a strong cup of coffee or a “green” shake, whatever she wants. After that, my daugeter and enbter the kitchen to organize lunch for our homeschooling activities.

  26. A cup of freshly ground coffee…my favorite – Bold Bean’s Mayan Morning…while sitting on the lanai watching the wildlife around the lake (fish, egrets, eagles, turtles and gators) before heading back in to start the day with a hot breakfast with all ingredients from Native Sun!!

  27. My husband usually wakes me whatever time I want to get up. (I am 75 and retired). I drink lots of water before entering the kitchen. I make good organic coffee, have a waffle with organic jelly(lightly). Read scripture, pray/meditate and then look over the paper while I eat. I check my appt book and then start my day. I am so blessed to be able to do whatever I like most days. I do some exercise(on my own) each day.

  28. When Buddy, the Chihuahua, wakes me, I let him and Goldie, the Havanese, out for their morning constitutional. Then I make our green tea, prepare our cereal starting with wheat germ and flax meal and wake my wife if my fumbling around hasn’t already done that.

  29. Wake up to the sound of the baby playing in her crib around 7 am, try to sleep a few extra minutes. Get the baby and nurse her, then fix coffee and oatmeal. We share oatmeal, but to baby’s dismay she doesn’t get any coffee . We play a bit and then it’s time for her to take a nap and time for me to shower and step into my home office to work.

  30. On the weekend I like to make corn muffin pancakes. They are sooo good w/butter and maple syrup. Maybe a little sausage and definitely a hot pot of coffee!

  31. My morning smoothie…it really gives me energy to start my day!

  32. Every day is different. No real ritual. One morning I can be wonder women and get up at 6 and go for a run, and then the next morning I get up at 8 and lay in bed waiting for Senor Energy to come and get me moving. Some days I feel like having a super healthy breakfast, the next day I can have a cupcake or two, and then the next morning if I am not hungry I have nothing. So basically my morning ritual is a surprise everyday! What a fantastic life right? ♥

  33. Andres Marquez via FB

    Get up by 4: 30, walk for an hour while listening to The Word, do crunches, pump some iron, then have a bowl of cereal.

  34. Renee Yaple via FB

    I begin every mornig with a cuo of coffee, read the news on faceback while watching the news on channel 4. This is my wake up and quiet time that will last about 30-40 min. Then I really enjoy blasting my metabalism waking it up! I accompli…sh this with 45 min. of strentgh trainnig focusing on a particuliar area of the body. Once this is done I will kick up the sweat with 30 min. of cardio. Usually, this is kick boxing. I will follow this up with a green smoothie, shower and then off to work! If there were a Naitive Sun CLOSER I would most likely include a drive by to pick up a snack!!

  35. Lisa Olschewske via FB

    I lay in bed nursing my baby as I have all night…then when we get up I make a smoothie …fresh oj frozen fruit, raw spinach and super green pro 96…walk…homeschool my children 🙂

  36. Katherine Strang via FB

    get up around 4-4:30 am. Do some kind of workout for 45 min-1 hour. Shower, coffee, breakfast, wake up kids for school and let the chaos begin!

  37. Holly Hanks via FB

    I wake upat about 6:30, make my husbands breakfast, then make my own – both green smoothies. Then I sit and talk to my husband for a few minutes until he has to leave. Then I drink my smoothie, jump on Facebook, check my email, play a few games, or whatever I feel like for a few minutes. Then I work out, shower, and get ready for the day.

  38. Jeannie Drabek via FB

    up at 7 am, stretch, have 12 oz of juice, wheat grass, chlorella, bee pollen … turn on computer, get dressed, make coffee, have oatmeal with fruit, pack stuff up for the day (work), have coffee, read email/facebook and out the door I go! ♥ LovePeace

  39. Each morning is slightly different but it usually starts off by putting my toddler on the pot, nursing my infant and diaper change, cooking my husband’s and toddler breakfast and making hubby’s lunch, walking hubby out the door with the kids so they can wave goodbye as daddy leaves, oh and I may be able to sneak a shower at some point in time during the morning, but any or all of those is how I start my mornings…Gotta love family. 😉

  40. Lenyarta & Kenny Darity via FB

    Each morning is slightly different but it usually starts off by putting my toddler on the pot, nursing my infant and diaper change, cooking my husband’s and toddler breakfast and making hubby’s lunch, walking hubby out the door with the kids so they can wave goodbye as daddy leaves, oh and I may be able to sneak a shower at some point in time during the morning, but any or all of those is how I start my mornings…Gotta love family. 😉

  41. Its different everyday, but if you where to ask what was the most optimal wake up routine I have ever done it goes like this. Wake Up Early by 6, stretch all my body parts before I hope out of bed from my neck to my back all the way to my toe cracks. Brush my teeth with Tooth Soap. Do Yoga for 20 mins. and then meditate upside down for another 10. Make and Drink Super-Hber tea or a Superfood Smoothie it varied, while listening to Holosync audiofiles for 30 mins. I would then go outside and do some magnetic qi-gong while sun gazing. Afterwards I would dry skin brush my skin outside and then put coconut oil all over myself. Snack on some random superfoods available like goji berries, goldenberries, or raw cashews to name a few. Depending on the day I would go to a Fitness class at 10:00 otherwise I would just stay in and lounge till lunch time listening to more Audiobooks , music, or playing video games, Gears of War, Lock n Load :D. Before lunch time I take a shower and get ready to have Lunch. Grab some Raw Cuisines with some Sacred Hearts Chocolate and Raw Cheesecake on the Side with Coconut Water or Kombucha to wash it down. WhaaaT?!?! YeaAAAh!!!. Yum :D. Afterwards … I would just keep having the Best Days Ever. 😀

  42. On the weekends, I like to get up early before my husband so that I can enjoy the quiet morning. I read the newspaper while having a cup of coffee and Greek yogurt with homemade granola. Then I’m off to a morning yoga class!

  43. I homeschool my 4 kids. So, before we get started on our day, I have to sit with my coffee for about 15 minutes. Then, the morning begins!

  44. Debbie Mackie

    Every morning I drink a cup of organic green tea with 2 teaspoons of honey while I read my Bible. Sometimes I have a piece of homemade bread with it. YUM!

  45. My morning starts from reading the Bible and coping scriptures for my homeschooled children.After that I have to get up and feed them first bee pollen,than fresh veg juice.After devotional they start school work and I prepare green smoothie for lunch.

  46. My morning routine starts EARLY with my 5am-up-with-the-birdies toddler! Ironically, he usually wants me to read Goodnight Moon, first thing in the morning!

  47. I start my day by cuddling my two cats who are “alarm trained”: they come running when the alarm goes off as they know they have 15-20 minutes of devoted time. I then get out of bed, have a cup of coffee or tea (depending on how I feel that morning), and check my email.

  48. Coffee and my anti-inflammatory breakfast: microwaved oatmeal with raisins, dates, ginger, cinnamon, walnuts and honey. Eat breakfast with my hubby while making to-do list and checking email.

  49. My morning ritual is conproised of organic coffee with stevia, a quick snuggle with my dughter. She goes out to feed the goats, chickens, and rabbits. (all her pets, belive it or not!) I make her her favorite egg in the nest breakfast for when she comes in!

  50. I let my four dogs out. Then I start water for the french press for my hubby. While that heats, I go outside and check my chickens water/feed and check for eggs, let the chickens out. Let the dogs back in. Kundalini yoga and meditation for 20-30 minutes. Breakfast is usually almond milk/Ezekiel sprouted granola (Native Sun has the bext price in town by the way!) and fruit and chia. Tea and check work emails. Then I start work (I make hand sculpted jewelry for gauged ears).

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