Eden Foods Addresses Nuclear Radiation Concerns

With Japan recognized by many as the leader in the production and supply of macrobiotic products, the recent threat of nuclear contamination has left manufacturers and retailers concerned about the long term effects of the earthquakes and tsunami. In response to the growing concern, Michael J. Potter, President of Eden Organic, purveyor of traditional Japanese foods, released a statement emphasizing the steps the company has taken to prevent possible radioactive contamination as they work diligently to ensure their products remain of the highest quality.

Eden Organic’s integrity and initiative have made them a trusted brand on Native Sun’s shelves for years and we continue to stand behind them as they labor through the aftermath of the disaster in Japan. We also ask that you keep Japan in your thoughts as the country struggles to recover from the devastation of the earthquakes and tsunami.

Below you will find an excerpt from the Eden statement. Follow this link to read the entire statement.

Eden Traditional Japanese Foods
Nuclear Radiation Food Safety and Related Concerns

13 April 2011

To all concerned,

Eden has been supplying traditional Japanese foods for forty-three years. We eat them, and feed them to children and grandchildren. We share concern about ongoing nuclear meltdowns, how they impact Japanese foods, and the wellbeing of all of us.

The situation is fluid and earthquakes continue. Radiation from Japan spread around the entire northern hemisphere in the first two weeks of the nuclear crisis, according to the Vienna-based Preparatory Commission for the Comprehensive Nuclear-Test-Ban Treaty Organization.

One of the first things we did was acquire two radionuclide detectors and training in their use. We have recorded baseline numbers at Michigan and California Eden facilities for Japanese items that we received prior to the March 11 event. We are updating SOPs and continuing training.

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