$100 Question: What’s Your Favorite Way To Enjoy Organic Milk?

You may never eat ten pies in ten minutes, but that doesn’t make organic milk any less refreshing! Tell us your favorite way to enjoy organic milk! Do you prefer it with cereal, cookies, spaghetti, or straight from the carton?

Tell us your favorite way to enjoy organic milk & you’ll be entered to win a $100 Native Sun Gift Card! To be eligible to win, you must first subscribe to the Native Sun blog by clicking here, then leave your answer to this month’s question in the comment section on our blog page. ONE winner will be picked at random on May 27th. Good luck!

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43 responses to “$100 Question: What’s Your Favorite Way To Enjoy Organic Milk?

  1. Sandy Kadish

    Pour it on a big bowl of granola and let it soak in and then start eating.

  2. In some overnight oatmeal with blueberries!

  3. Love love love organic milk, and I think my favorite way to drink it is either by itself (and a large glass), or in my coffee. 🙂

  4. Cold an in a BIG glass.

  5. Homemade yogurt with a little vanilla.

  6. In a cold smoothie or over warm cinnamon apple oats.

  7. I love my organic milk hot with a little cocoa and stevia added. Yum!

  8. Organic Milk with black tea, little bit salt in it. I drink it 3 times per day.

  9. Signed up for email!! 🙂

    Oh, cookies and milk for sure!!! Simple goodness right there!

    lisagoneaussie (At) gmail (dot) com

  10. We love, love organic valley’s milk! I looked into the farming practices of several companies and theirs is the best! We use our milk for cereal, ice cream, cheese making and , of course, chocolate milk! Yum!

  11. Easy! Over vanilla macaroon granola…mmm….

    chicagolisa [at] gmail

  12. Daniel Goldfileld

    As in the days of Cleopatra. . . I like to have a nice warm milk bath with honey from the Promised Land.

  13. Cold organic milk poured over fresh baked cornbread that has cooled to room temperature. Just spoon it out of your glass and eat for breakfast, lunch or dinner. Yum!

  14. Icey cold after a PB&J!

  15. I like to pour it in a bowl, over a handful of cookies, and eat the cookies like cereal. How’s that for healthy?

  16. With as creamy as organic milk is I love it just the way it is in the biggest glass I can find! or just straight out of the container 😉

  17. We love our organic milk on cereal, in coffee, to make ice cream or milkshakes, in smoothies or just by the glass. Yum! I think I will go get some now. :O)

  18. With a raw egg mixed in.

  19. how do i love my organic milk- let me count the ways…. in my flax cereal, making my oatmeal with it, instead of water, with ginger cookies, and last but not least, making real hot chocolate with it- all ingrediants are organic, of course

  20. Organic milk is by far BEST paired with a warm brownie (made from a gluten-free, organic brownie mix from Native Sun, of course)!

  21. I like to use the organic milk in my pancake / waffle mix instead of water as well as drink a big glass of it ice cold! I also love to drink ice mocha coffee on warm summer days and I use organic choc milk as well as some half and half to make my version of a latte at home!

  22. Donna C. via FaceBook: The best way I have it is to leave it in the carton and not drink any dairy product organic or not 🙂 Drink Hemp or Almond Milk instead….

  23. Sharon C. via Facebook

    I enjoy it every way> Straight from the carton, in cereal, with a pb&j sandwich, in my oatmeal, in my chai latte, with a batch of hot chocolate chip cookies …. YUMMMM !!!! Nothing compares to REAL milk …. organic of course !

  24. Andrea Collins

    I love to use organic milk with my Greens Soy powder….Very tasty!!!

  25. I only make smoothies using organic milk!

  26. Zornitza Prodanoff

    A frined gave me a recipe for cocnut pudding that is prepraed pretty much as rice pudding and served over dried plums – a very simple idea, but the final product has a great texture and aroma. I buy the dry coconut flakes from at Native Sun’s (same store section as raisins). My family enjoys drinking chilled milk, too.

  27. Casey Wingerter

    My kids and I love to put a couple of scoops of chocolate icecream in a sundae glass, then melt peanut butter in a bowl and pour it over the ice cream and then add the milk to the sundae glass and eat it unblended … it is D-Lish!

  28. sarah butsch

    cereal is one of my favorite foods. the best is plain shredded wheat with stevia, butter and organic milk – put it in the microwave for a few minutes & enjoy!

  29. Svetla Nikolova

    We enjoy it every way – from the carton, in cereal, in oatmeal, with hot chocolate cookies …. every way possible.

  30. Ann Clemente

    I first cook my oatmeal. I add cinnamon, walnut pieces, ground flax seed and then I add warmed Organic Valley Milk and then I ENJOY! I’ve got my protein and vitamins from the milk and my fiber from the rest. Now, I’m good-to-go for my exercise classes. Ann Clemente

  31. Roseline Deronvil

    Make oatmeal for my family with either banana and natural Haitian vanilla and organic sugar. I also make a smoothie with fresh fruits.

  32. Nicole Howard

    My favorite way to enjoy organic milk is in a smoothie or hot chocolate. Yum!

  33. Cereal, but I usually opt for a spoon, rather than the face-first mastication method above.

  34. Katie Lewis

    I love to drink milk with cookies, cake, or any dessert!

  35. We buy 8 half gallons of Organic Valley a week. The ladies at Native Sun call me the “Milk Lady”. My 4 kids love it just about any way.. but I would say their favorite is dunking a cookie in a big glass! Patty

  36. With organic cookies, of course.

  37. Super COLD with chocolate chip cookies just out of the oven (organic cookies, of course!!)

  38. p j mccrary

    put olive oil in small pan, let get warm,break an egg , put organic milk over egg, cover pan, cook until desired , when done pour all over ezekiel toast. then enjoy , the best yet. yummy.

  39. I have it with my cascadian farms chocolate almond granola and also with my coffee, delicious

  40. I love my organic milk with frozen berries. It’s a yummy, healthy treat!

  41. w/ a hemp brownie topped w/ almond butter & honey

  42. With a fresh out of the oven chocolate chip muffin made with freshly milled whole wheat flour!

  43. My favorite way to enjoy my organic milk (Organic Valley) is in an all organic Strawberry Peach Smoothie…Yummalicious!!!

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