$100 Question: What’s your favorite way to enjoy yogurt?

With Cascade Fresh Yogurt 3 for $1.00, you don’t have to multi-task to find great deals! In the meantime, tell us your favorite way to enjoy yogurt! Whether topped with granola, in a smoothie, or straight from the container, it’s hard to go wrong!

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38 responses to “$100 Question: What’s your favorite way to enjoy yogurt?

  1. I love my organic yogurt with frozen berries! Yummy and especially cooling this time of year.

  2. We love to make tzatziki for Moroccan chicken!

  3. I love eating organic yogurt instead of ice cream for dessert. It’s just as good, but I don’t feel as guilty. 🙂

  4. Claudia Scott

    Every single day, my hubby and I enjoy organic yogurt topped with either berries or bananas, walnuts or almonds , mixed in with a bit of wonderslim’s wonder cocoa, Sambozan acai` powder and agave.. it is our nutritious and delicious afternoon treat that ties us over till dinner.

  5. Kathleen Perry

    My favorite way to eat organic yogurt is to share with my greyhound – she loves it. Every morning I put a couple heaping spoonfuls in her bowl and she happily laps up. I eat a few heaping spoonfuls myself, but only after she gets hers.

  6. Tracy Aiello

    My favorite breakfast is a cup of plain greek yogurt, a banana, and a handful of pumpkin flax granola! Sometimes I’ll even have breakfast for lunch, dinner, and a snack 😉

  7. My Husband likes to add organic granola to his organic yogurt, but I like to add organic mixed nuts along with granolam; it makes my yogurt more hearty to last the morning.

  8. I eat organic yogurt every day with blueberries and blackberries, some ground flax and a touch of maple syrup. Mmm……

  9. tiffany g.

    My fav. way to enjoy organic yogurt is with fresh berries and honey

  10. Anyway! In smoothies, with fresh fruit, flax & nuts, by itself. I just love yogurt.

  11. OOPS! Had a brain lapse on this post! The 3 for $1.00 deal started JUNE 1ST AND RUNS UNTIL JUNE 30TH! Thanks!

  12. We like it with fresh organic fruit and nuts.

  13. I enjoy my organic yogurt with granola and sometimes pulling the lid back and chow downnnnnnnnnn.

  14. Love it right out of the carton, particularly for breakfast. Smooth, creamy, yum!!

  15. greek yogurt vanilla flavored with honey and granola is the best 🙂

  16. Leili Harrell

    I enjoy my organic yogurt by mixing in granola and fresh berries. Afterwards, I let my dogs lick the container clean!

  17. With a spoon!!!!!!!!!!!

  18. I love organic yogurt just by itself as it is so tasty, it doesn’t need any embellishments.

  19. I enjoy my Cascade Fresh plain yogurt blended together with a couple of handfuls of fresh or frozen mixed berries.

  20. Zornitza Prodanoff

    My family loves a traditional Bulgarian recipe:
    “Tarator” (cold cucumber soup): yogurt (3 cups), chopped cucumbers (2 cups), minced garlic, finely chopped dill, salt, coarsely ground walnuts (1/2 cup), table spoon of olive oil. All ingredients are well mixed and chilled water is added before mixing again.
    Proportions can vary according to taste.


  21. Now that it’s hot, I like to cool off with a homemade yogurt-sicle. I just put a few tablespoons of any kind of yogurt into my popsicle mold, place it in the freezer and presto… a healthy snack after doing some yard work!

  22. We make gluten free buckwheat pancakes (really easy btw!) and mix yogurt with lemon curd and some blueberries for the topping. one word…redonkulous!

  23. I love organic yogurt with cottage cheese, honey, nuts and fresh berries…

  24. The best way to enjoy organic yogurt is with a Native Sun Smoothie from the NS Juice Bar. Can you say YUM?

  25. Stonyfield Farms Organic Strawberry yogurt, straight up in a bowl, with my daughter. It’s good. Doesn’t need anything added to it.

  26. My children have their own special way of eathing organic yogurt. They enjoy popping the Stonyfield Squeezers in the freezer and making yogurt pops. When we come home from Native Sun, they go straight into the freezer. They are like an ice cream push up but much healthier. I have to admit. I love them too!

  27. I eat organic Greek yogurt every night with frozen blueberries and granola! It’s so good, especially if you buy granola with chocolate pieces!

  28. Elaine Zink

    Everyday for breakfast I enjoy yogurt in a smoothie with natural peanut butter, strawberries, bananas, matcha green tea and powdered vitamin suppliment. Yummy and healthy.

  29. I love to add organic yogurt to fresh cantaloupe, pineapple and blueberries, and blend into a delicious refreshing smoothie!

  30. I love to change it up – berries one day, granola the next. Miixing in fresh fruit or trail mix is also great!

  31. Definitely topped with granola.

  32. I add it to organic brownie and pudding mixes. The yogurt makes the brownies super rich fudgy and decadent and pudding sublime. Adding yogurt is a great way to make guilty indulgences into healthy pleasures!

  33. Mix plain yogurt with local honey and poppyseeds (just judge how sweet you would like it) and pour over your favorite fresh organic fruits from Native Sun!

  34. My all time favorite way to enjoy yogurt is drizzled with honey and then sprinkled with toasted slivered almonds. It’s a real treat that I have when I want to indulge in something healthy. Mmmm

  35. Cabot Vanilla Bean Greek yogurt on top of canned pumpkin. On top of that I put honey and pumpkin pie spice. Sometimes I put in some oatmeal so I feel like I am eating pie.

  36. My favorite way to enjoy a yogurt is sharing one straight from the container with my 1 year old. 🙂

  37. I love to add strawberries, blueberries and granola to my yogurt. So yummy. And filling.

  38. I love plain organic Greek yogurt with 1 tsp of peanut butter mixed in. Top it with fresh fruit for a great post- workout snack or serve with apple slices. Honey can be added if you prefer it sweeter. Yum!

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