Check out the new “King” of Homeopathic Remedies at Native Sun!

At Native Sun we recently introduced the King Bio line, “an FDA registered pharmaceutical company dedicated to the quality manufacture of safe, fast-acting, homeopathic medicines” and treatments (King Bio 10). King Bio formulates natural medicines “designed to work powerfully at every level of life” as they restore, activate, and strengthen our “internal mechanisms” and “inner constitution” to promote healing (14).

In terms of formulation, King Bio products make use of a unique pure water base, making them the “only company manufacturing homeopathic [products] without [the] sugar, alcohol, or glycerin,” typically found in other homeopathics (14). Aside from being sugar, alcohol, and glycerin free, King Bio products contain “three equal volume potencies (or strengths) of each ingredient” to encourage a balanced response and a “higher percentage of actual cures” when compared to single, lower potency concentrations (15). The convenient spray pump makes delivery effortless while allowing you to introduce the product orally, topically, and through olfactory dosages that can encourage healing both internally and externally (17).

If you’re looking for the latest in homeopathic formulation, look no further than King Bio!

For more information about King Bio, stop by the Native Sun Nutrition department or visit the King Bio website.

Check out our June Sales Flyer for savings on select King Bio products until July 6, 2011!


King Bio. “King Bio Natural Medicine Clinical Reference Guide.” King Bio Training Manuals (2007-09): 10-17. Web. 27 May 2011. <;.


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