CoQ10 Takes On Dry Mouth!

A vitamin-like substance that plays a critical role in cellular energy production throughout the body, Coenzyme Q10 remains a popular supplement option associated with many health benefits and backed by clinical research and trials (Balch 31). In a recent post on his website, Dr. Michael Murray discusses CoQ10’s potential role in alleviating the symptoms of dry mouth, a unique benefit for a supplement already linked to the treatment of cardiovascular disease, cancer (as an immune booster and/or chemotherapy relief), diabetes, and other prominent health issues (Murray 1). As Murray explains, CoQ10 increases chemical energy (ATP) production, “allowing the saliva-producing cells enough energy to secrete more saliva into the mouth,” effectively reducing the dry mouth sensation (Weekly Fast Facts 1).

For more information, check out the entire article here: Dr. Murray CoQ10 vs Dry Mouth. Even if you aren’t suffering from dry mouth, stop by the Nutrition Department of either Native Sun Store to learn about the possible benefits of adding CoQ10 to your supplement regime.


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Murray, Dr. Michael. Weekly Fast Facts. 11 July 2011. PDF Regarding CoQ10 as Dry Mouth Inhibitor.


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