Turkey Days are Here! Reserve your Turkey by the 16th!

Happy Turkey Days! Call your local Native Sun Natural Foods Market to reserve your ideal holiday turkey today: Baymeadows at 260-2791 or Mandarin at 260-6950. Details and pricing are below. Reservations must be made by November 16th and turkeys will be available for pickup on November 18th!

Turkeys                                                COST               RANGE
Natural Turkey, Whole                                $2.99/lb             8lb-24lbs
Organic Turkey, Whole                                $3.99/lb             8lb-24lbs
Organic Turkey Breast, Bone-in                 $5.69/lb             4-12lbs
*Turkeys vary by size, weight guaranteed within 2lbs of request.

An Easy Guide to Choosing Your Holiday Turkey


Raised w/o Antibiotics
Or Synthetic Growth                               YES                                                  YES

Raised Free-Range with                          YES                                                  YES
Access to Pasture?

Fed only Certified Organic                      YES                                                  NO

Third-Party Inspection of
Farm to verify product’s                          YES                                                  NO
Organic integrity?


2 responses to “Turkey Days are Here! Reserve your Turkey by the 16th!

  1. I need to reserve a turkey please. How do I do this and I would like to pick it up at the Baymeadows store if possible. I need a 35 pounder.. Organic..

    Thank you!

  2. Heather,

    We do not offer Turkeys greater than 24lbs. I can add your name to the pre-order list at Baymeadows if you provide me with the date you intend to pick up the turkey. Let me know if you need any additional information.

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