$100 Question: What’s Your Favorite Way to Enjoy Eggs?

Pasture eggs contain 10% less fat, 34% less cholesterol, and more vitamin A, D, E, and Beta Carotene than conventional and organic store bought eggs. Given that pastured eggs come from grass fed hens that are able to forage freely, they also contain greater amounts of omega 3 fatty acids. With pasture eggs on sale throughout the month of November, it’s the perfect time to ask, how do you incorporate eggs into your diet? Whether you prefer a simple scrambled egg in the morning, a homemade egg salad sandwich, or an unusual egg entrée, we’d love to hear about it!

Tell us your favorite way to enjoy eggs & you’ll be entered to win a $100 Native Sun Gift Card! To be eligible to win, you must first subscribe to the Native Sun blog by clicking here, then leave your answer to this month’s question in the comment section on our blog page. ONE winner will be picked at random on November 30th. Good luck!

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45 responses to “$100 Question: What’s Your Favorite Way to Enjoy Eggs?

  1. Alicia Corning

    I love breakfast for dinner, and eggs happen to take center stage in most of my recipes! I love to make veggie omelets with sauteed greens, garlic & onion! Plain, simple, clean and DELICIOUS- keeping me full & providing me with a nutritious meal!

  2. My three year old must eat eggs everyday… we go through dozens of eggs. Soft boiled–poached is my favorite. We both love omelets with spinach, I call the spinach- decoration. 🙂 He likes egg salad, quiche, scrambled, fried, even hard cooked without anything added.

  3. After a good yoga practice nothing is better than a hot bowl of miso soup with some seaweed and two fresh eggs gently swirled into it, so that it becomes a “miso egg-drop.” Very fulfilling and nourishing. :^)

  4. eggs center-stage: fried, nice and crispy with lots of brown and yolks that are creamy/mealy….
    eggs as part of my sweet-tooth satiating: cut into whole wheat flour and sugar mixture for crumble topping on fruit cobbler!

  5. Eggs, oh how I love thee. I like to start with a few handfuls of organic spinach (throw away the pesky little stems) until they begin to wilt, then add in and scramble 2 egg whites and 1 yolk. When complete I top with a few slices of ripe avocado, a few shakes of sea salt and ground pepper and then a drizzle of — wait for it — coconut oil. Usually I serve this spinach and egg deliciousness accompanied with a slice of Ezekial sesame seed toast smeared with natural peanut butter and slices of banana with a little honey. Delicious + nutritious = winning!

  6. Trying to go grain-free in our house we just made a quiche with a crust made out of spinach and almond flour. Delicious! Quiches are easy to make, you can get very creative, they are quick to reheat, and can be enjoyed for breakfast, lunch or dinner.

  7. Personally, I enjoy eggs the most when they get to stay under the chicken that laid them. I love, love, love tofu scramble tho!!

  8. I love boiled eggs in salad and especially over easy with my breakfast. They keep me full and satisfied! They are great for any meal, any time of day. I never get tired of eggs! My whole family couldn’t go a day without their eggs!

  9. I’m more of a classical egg eater. I prefer my eggs two ways, or in some fab egg sauce (bernaise, hollandaise): over easy or poached. If poached, I prefer it in conjunction with some hollandaise. Of course, the poached + hollandaise is best served with toast or on an english muffin. Turns out there’s a crazy name for this poached egg, hollandaise on a muffin combination – except I skip the ham (flexitarian). 🙂

  10. Sunny Mathews

    I like to have a fried egg sandwich after a long run … w/ romaine lettuce and a lite smear of mayo on sourdough bread.

  11. We own three chickens, so we are always supplied with fresh eggs. My favorite way of preparing eggs is with fried potatoes and pancakes. I like to cook the egg into a veggie omelet, which consists of mushrooms, onions, and green peppers alongside cheddar cheese, salt, lots of pepper, and fresh herbs.

  12. I love a sunny-side egg on top of grits. All the yoke-y goodness gets mixed in with the grits and produces a lovely sauce. OR I’ll take a croque-madame any day of the week.

  13. Sometimes I cannot eat eggs as I am almost vegan but when I do , it is deviled eggs or in a veggie omelet with spinach, vegan cheese, and of course, salsa!

  14. My favorite is hard boiled eggs chopped up with a little mayo and eaten with Foods Alive Italian Zest flax seed crackers- oh yum!

    My husband however likes a crustless quiche with almond milk, spinach, mushrooms, red peppers, Applegate’s sausage or turkey bacon and adobo seasoning mixed into it all

  15. Livinglessmom

    We eat eggs like crazy! My favorite way to eat eggs is in a breakfast burrito! Scrambled eggs, diced red potatoes, quality bacon and cheese with a little hot sauce make a great burrito!

  16. It’s a tie between a pasture raised Araucana (green) eggs poached over a nice salad, or an omelet a la Julia Child.

  17. Rebekah Reynolds

    My favorite way to fix organic eggs is to scramble with coconut oil and use a little Vegannaise on a Alvarado Street Sprouted Wheat Sesame Seed Bagel
    of course with sea salt and pepper…yum yum of course

    Rebekah Reynolds –

  18. deviled with sweet pickles

  19. I love omelets because they keep me satisfied for hours..but if I’m not eating a omelet with vegies and feta cheese. I usually eat them scrambled with some green pepper and basil tomato feta cheese!

  20. an omellette with cheese and veggies

  21. At our house, we boil a half dozen or even a dozen eggs, let them cool and leave them in a bowl in the frig for ready made snacks! We all love boiled eggs!

  22. My favorite way to have an organic, farm-fresh egg is over easy & draped over a mound of creamy grits that has a thick slice of grilled tomato & some sauteed spinach or asparagus nestled in the buttery goodness, topped with my very own Hollandaise ~It’s simple, yet decadent! It’s an interesting twist on an Eggs Benedict 🙂 (An egg yolk is used in the sauce as well)

  23. My favorite way to prepare eggs is in a keish with spinach, bacon, and lots of extra cheese baked till golden brown and oozing with yumminess 🙂

  24. I love them scrambled with cheese, or scrambled with ketchup. 🙂

  25. One of my breakfast favorites is scrambled eggs with spinach and nutritional yeast. Served on top of a toasted piece of ezekiel bread with butter and hemp seeds! yummy 🙂

  26. EGGS anyway! Omlets, over easy with rice, with grits or mixed in hash, Scrambled with some cottese cheese. Egg salad! Eggs are great and nutritious!

  27. Cindy Friederich

    Nothing beats 2 perfect over medium eggs served with veggie bacon and toast.

  28. I’ve gotten to love omelets as I’ve gotten older. I’ll take mine with some broccoli, sun-dried tomatoes, red onions, green peppers, and feta cheese.
    I also make my own sauce to drizzle over it. It consists of one part honey, one part hot sauce, and two parts dijon mustard. It gives it that zing, while being a bit sweet as well.

  29. Over easy on toasted bread slathered in hummus! Yum!

  30. There’s nothing like fresh egg salad on toasted bread when there’s a chill in the air!

  31. scrambled w/ coconut oil & addition of garlic right before done cooking . tucked into a whole wheat pita w/ lots of veggies & sometimes spicy cheese or cheese alternative 🙂

  32. We love fried eggs in coconut oil. Yummo!

  33. I love just good old fashioned boiled eggs as a snack. But for me boiled eggs often evolve into deviled eggs where I add shrimp, lobster and crab meat to the filling and you talk about YUMMY! Pasture eggs does a body real good!

  34. I love eggs…all sorts of ways! Soft boiled, sunny-side up, etc… One of my new favorites though is to poach an egg and then dredge it with panko crumbs and then fry it! Put it on top of a ripe heirloom tomato!!!! Yummy!!!

  35. My boys like them hard-boiled!!!!

  36. We have an organic egg frittata for dinner once a week. Press crispy hash browns into a buttered casserole, top with sauteed onion and asparagus then scrambled eggs, bake at low heat for 30 mins, then add sliced tomato and shredded cheese and pop back in the oven till the cheese is golden brown. Yum!

  37. Obligatory breakfast tacos…(“burritos” for you gringos)..pan-crispy flour tortilla topped w/ scrambled egg, Organic Valley Mexican blend shredded cheese, diced onions and bell peppers, crispy bacon, sour cream, cilantro and refried beans, yes, refried beans! Salsa and jalapenos optional.

  38. sounds delicious~I’m going to make this over the weekend 🙂

  39. We also love eggs for dinner. Our favorite is a spinach, potato and gruyere cheese frittata with a side of salsa. It is a quick, easy, yummy and healthy dinner.

  40. I heat up about a teaspoon of coconut oil in a small pan, on medium heat, then crak in two eggs. Then, I lightly salt with sea salt, and top with Organic Valley cheddar or mozzerella cheese. Wow, so good.

  41. I enjoy using eggs to make yummy french toast with cinnamon or swiss cheese and spinach quiche.

  42. Every Sunday we have a huge breakfast of eggs over easy with farm bacon and home made organic hash browns. Topped off with tea!

  43. We love our eggs scrambled inside a whole wheat breakfast burrito.

  44. scrambled with ketchup

  45. mmmm I love eggs! Scrambled, omelets, boiled, or even in a yummy cake! It’s all delicious!

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