Vermillion Snapper at Native Sun

Support the local fishing industry with an affordable, sustainable product that makes its way to market via a reduced carbon footprint!

The Vermillion Snapper (Bee-Liner Snapper) season officially opened on January 1st 2012.  The quota for Vermillion harvest has been reduced this year to under half a million pounds gutted weight. While unfavorable to local fishing industries, conservationists and environmentalists welcome the quota reduction as a means of demonstrating the growing sustainability of the South Atlantic Snapper fisheries.

Vermillion Snapper contains a moderate to low concentration of mercury when compared to canned Albacore Tuna and Swordfish. Although typically between ten and eighteen inches in length and weighing anywhere from one to three pounds, Vermillion Snapper can reach lengths of up to twenty-four inches and weights of nearly four pounds. Low in saturated fat and sodium, with a soft, flaky flesh that provides essential fatty acids and protein, Vermillion Snapper closely resembles Red Snapper. We offer scaled, skin-on fillets for $14.99/lb and whole fish for $7.49/lb that are delicious when baked, broiled, fried, poached or grilled.  If you have any further inquiries please visit the friendly staff of the Native Sun Baymeadows Meat/Seafood Dept.


One response to “Vermillion Snapper at Native Sun

  1. Got 3 of these this month (so far) and they turned out great. More whole fish please! Thanks Native Sun!!!

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