$100 Question: Favorite Wacky Sandwich?

After challenging our chefs to come up with the ultimate sandwich and then introducing our new artisan sandwich menu, we’ve certainly been doing a lot of thinking about sandwiches. So, for our February giveaway, we want to ask, what’s your favorite wacky sandwich? Whether you mix peanut butter and onions, mayonnaise and strawberry jam or tuna fish and ketchup, we’d love to hear about it!

Share your favorite wacky sandwich & you’ll be entered to win a $100 Native Sun Gift Card! To be eligible to win, you must first subscribe to the Native Sun blog by clicking here. Then leave your answer to this month’s question in the comment section on our blog page. ONE winner will be picked at random on March 1st 2012. Good luck!

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This giveaway is now closed. Congratulations to Kirsten! Check your email for prize details and be on the lookout for next Month’s $100 Question. Thank you to everyone who shared their favorite wacky sandwich recipes!


37 responses to “$100 Question: Favorite Wacky Sandwich?

  1. My mom and I used to eat peanut butter and potato chip sandwiches as a treat when I was little. ❤
    And for the longest time, I would only eat cream cheese and olive sandwiches in my school lunch.

  2. My favorite sandwich goes like this:
    – Caramelize some onions in an espresso balsamic.
    – While that’s going on, slice up some fresh roast beef, muenster cheese and avocado.
    – Pile it high between 2 pieces of sourdough bread or a chewy multi-grain bread.
    – Finally, panini-ize it with a George Foreman grill!

  3. Favorite “wacky” sandwich would have to be banana and mayonnaise!

  4. When I was about 4 and had been particularly mischievous, my dad asked if I wanted a knuckle sandwich. This of course sounded fabulous to me and my dad was forced to create said sandwich. It was cheddar, pickles and mayonnaise on white bread. I evidently loved it and requested knuckle sandwiches often.

  5. Chopped Celery & dill pickles on bread with or without mayo

  6. Mmmm…my favorite sandwich:
    Toasted Ezekiel bread coated with Earth Balance ‘butter’ and filled between with smashed avocado, tumeric, sun-dried tomato spread & thinly sliced cucumbers.

  7. inspired by boomtown jax: roasted chicken and peanut gravy on kaiser roll.

  8. When we moved to Texas in 1956, my Aunt Sweet (real name) introduced me to peanut butter and dill pickle (thinly sliced) sandwiches…they have been one of my favorites ever since.
    Kathy Thomas

  9. My favorite wacky sandwich is solft butter spread on white bread, sprinkled with cinnamon and sugar.

  10. Cheese toast sandwich with onions and avocadoes, tomatoes and any kind of meat.

  11. Ok, maybe not so weird, but I love almond butter with bananas!

  12. Cut potatoes into thin rounds. Fry until crisp. (season with salt & pepper.)

    Pile potatoes high on fresh (i.e. mushy) white bread with mayonnaise (or Miracle Whip).

    Nothing fancy about this, but it is SOOOO good! And…guaranteed to contribute in a big way to your sugar, cholesterol and clogged arteries.

    I am 61 years old. When I would go home during breaks from college, my mother would make these sandwiches late at night while we watched the Johnny Carson show. I haven;t had one of these sandwiches in years since I really DO try to eat healthy foods. But…now that I am thinking about it, may just have to have one. (Will have to buy the potatoes and white bread, though, b/c they are not found in this house!

  13. Favorite wacky sandwich: toasted ezekiel bread, spread with cream cheese, sardines in olive oil, thin slices of red onion, tomatoes & lettuce—

  14. Kimberly Bouffard

    The balsamic portabello is definitely the best! Artichoke hearts, feta, portabello, and balsamic? Yuuuuuuummmmmmyyyyyy!

  15. Stephanie King

    Seeing as though I am allergic to gluten (I don’t have Celiac Disease, just the gluten allergy) I have found interesting ways to have sandwiches without the bread part. Understandably there is GF bread which I have created a great recipe for, but one of my FAVORITE things to make is peanut butter and sauerkraut wrapped in seaweed. It is AMAZING, although it sounds probably not so pleasing, I promise, it is delicious!

  16. Peanutbutter, banana and bit of lite mayo!!! It’s a family tradition. Just a small amount of mayo makes it less sticky and a little easier to chew! (You can’t really taste the mayo, just a very small amount!)

  17. So it’s waaaaaay too early in the morning to be salivating (errr, thinking) about sandwiches, but I have one that I make in the summer and it’s an unexpectedly amazing combo: crunchy, sweet, creamy, salty. It’s done in 5 minutes or less too. Ready?
    – Toast two slices of Ezekial bread (I prefer the green bag, or sesame, but the orange bag is fine too) so they’re crunchy.
    – Stir about a tablespoon and a half of Veganaise (or mayo if you’re into that sort of thing) sprinkled with sea salt, pepper, and fresh chopped cilantro together. Spread this atop the slices of Ezekial toast.
    – Add slices of fresh mango
    – Add alfalfa sprouts
    – Add a few pieces of lettuce, preferably Boston lettuce.
    – Add slices of very ripe avocado
    – Close sandwich. Sit down, and enjoy.

    VOILA! It is the most flavorful, fun sandwich ever. Between the freshness of the cilantro and lettuce, the sweetness of the mango, and creamy avocado flavors, comes the crunch of the lettuce, sprouts and bread. Perfection.

  18. Warm ciabatta roll, 4 slices of bacon, sharp cheddar cheese, tomato slice, two pieces of bibb lettuce, half of an avocado sliced in equal pieces, caramelized onions, small dab of mayo, sliced rotisserie turkey with egg cooked over easy and when you bite into the sandwich the egg yolk drips on the rest of the sandwich.

  19. Chop some onions. Grate some sharp cheddar. Butter two pieces of wheat bread. Pile the onions and cheese on the unbuttered side, put on the other slice on bread and grill in a skillet until he cheese is melted.

  20. My favorite wacky sandwich is a Dippy Egg Sandwich (named by my little sister when she was about 4 years old). It is a fried egg with a slightly runny yolk on a slice of buttered toast. Use another piece of toast to dip into the yolk and eat both slices separately. Yum yum!

  21. My sandwich comes from my preteens when I wanted a quick after school snack.
    Toast a piece of bread
    Add whatever salsa or tomato-based sauce was open in the fridge
    Add a few mushrooms, green peppers, and/ or onions.
    Add cheese. I liked muenster, mozzarella, cheddar or whatever was in the fridge.
    Melt in the oven or microwave if desired.
    Simple yet yum.
    It was my poor man’s pizza!:)

  22. I was going to submit peanut butter and pickles but Kathy Thomas already suggested it. I thought it was going to be unique. I am also a child of Texas so it must be a Big T thing. Note: the pickles MUST BE the cheap-o Vlasic dills. Cannot substitute anything else. It needs the sugar/low garlic contents of Vlasics. If you are a bread and butter kind, that might woek.

  23. Livinglessmom

    Peanut butter and onion!

  24. Pita bread pocket with chopped feta cheese, olives, tomatoes, cucumbers, balsamic vinegrette, olive oil, and fresh… RASPBERRIES…

    Raspberries and vinegrette are apparently a great combination!

  25. Favorite wacky sandwich:

    Gluten Free Flaxseed Bagel
    Pepper Jack Cheese
    Italian spicy hard salami
    Sliced tomato
    and lots of organic pickled cauliflower/carrot/olive relish (the best relish ever)!

  26. Two slices of GF bread toasted twice, add earth balance for some moisture, then vegan cheddar slices and orange marmalade. Salty, sour, sweet, warm outside, cool inside, chewy and a bit crispy. Satisfying. . . I think I’m gonna have that for breakfast. 🙂

  27. I don’t eat these very often anymore – fried egg, bacon & cheese on toast. I like to use the freshest eggs I can get, fry in a little canola oil, top with cheese and then pile on the bacon!

  28. My favorite combination is kinda simple…marmalade and manchego cheese! Mmm! The flavors blend beautifully together!


  30. Yummy in the tummy!
    Warm Roast Beef, Red Onion, Blue Cheese Crumbles, Lettuce, Tomato, Pesto on a Fresh Spinach Wrap.

  31. via Lil @ lhammann@comcast.net
    “This is no joke! My husband likes a sandwich with,

    Meat loaf
    Peanut butter, yes I really did say Peanut butter.

    Since it has never touched my lips I can’t speak for how it tastes. It’s hard enough to watch him eat it.”

  32. whitebread with crispy fries and gravy [chiken gravy] with mashed potatoes spreaded like mayo and thinly sliced chicken breast and fried onions

    its a wacky thanksgiving in a sandwich to go

  33. white toasted bread with crispy fries and chicken gravy with mashed potatoes spreaded like mayo and thinly sliced chicken braest and fried onions

  34. mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm delicous!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



  35. this sandwich contains a largre bagel,with straw berrycreamcheese,gummy worms,fugde brownies,marshmellow cream,marshmellows,strawberries and bannanas,sliced oranges [thinly cut],hersheys chocalate,reeses syrup,pb and j,squished twinkies,and finally another large bagel with straw berry cream cheese and fresh cherries whip cream.

    a 10 year olds favorite breakfast

  36. Dont pick me. I own the joint. Wanted to share my wife and my fav.

    Toasted rye with Tahini on 1 slice. Whole grain mustard on the other. Pile with steamed kale and sauerkraut.

    Sounds crazy but it’s really good!

  37. Well, it may not be that wacky, but love my sandwiches with potato chips in them…tunafish salad with super crunchy kettle chips…tasty & lots of texture. Even better with some avocado, tomato, sprouts, lettuce & hummus. Feeling like having one now.

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